Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Annual Meeting 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: July 15, 2006 Meting Place: Holiday Beech Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 10:00 Ending Time: 12:00

1. Call to Order;
Karen Alexander, President

Karen called the meeting to order and welcomed homeowners and investors and acknowledged the board. Each member introduced themselves. Karen acknowledged Renee Castiglione as office manager
Board members present: Jesus Hernandez, Saul Moore, Yvonne Clay, Tom Mauldin.
Homeowners and guests signed in: Joe Crist, Barbara Toomey, Pat Kyle, Greg Lanier, Ann Balnicki, Coleen Werner, Jack and Dianne Wilson, Leslie Jureit, Frank Jenkins, Bill and Eva Gruman, Irvin and Phyllis Wood, George Hall, Jim Cary, Jim and Judi Fleming, Cecile Esko, Marlene and Nick Rossin, Claude Chapman, Mary and Jan Jackson, Victoria Marin, Bob and Margaret Jenkins, M. A. Kraska, Sonia and Ben Gradus and Oscar Hull.

Recognition of Guests
Comments from the President: Karen acknowledged the responsibilities of each board member and thanked them for their efforts in meeting outcomes this year. She gave an overview of some of the main accomplishments of the association.

Approval of the June, 2005 Minutes. Karen asked for approval of minutes, motion was seconded and passed.
Board Reports:

Vice president: Saul Moore. Saul presented a copy of the proposed budget (attachment one). It also included the budget for 2005 and actual expenditures. There will be no increase in dues this year for the association. He explained that the premiums for our insurance dropped by $5000 partly due to our compliance with request from the insurance adjusters such as adding rail pickets to decks and improved lighting. He discussed that the board has met five of nine identifies projects and has spent $145,000 in improvements year to date. This is after one year implementation of a three year plan. He discussed examples of quarterly outcomes and referred owners to the website for a full report. Saul discussed long term planning and spoke about the condition of the roofs. He gave a history on the last time the roofs were replaced for each building and estimated costs. We have continued to do preventive maintenance on the roofs to extend their lives, but they may need to be replaced in the future.

Treasurer: Yvonne Clay. Special Assessment outstanding accounts is $500, and $600 for homeowners dues. We’re now set up on the computer with electronic records which track the budget. Renee set up the system in seven months. She asked office manager Renee to go over her responsibilities. Out of 88 units only three is delinquent and we have placed a claim of lien on this property. Winelda Bishop is our CPA and kept up with non-electronic records. Renee is in the process of scanning all the records for the last seven years and is replacing all paper records with electronic ones. Renee explained the processes that have been put in place for maintenance and how she has streamlined office procedures. A fourth person is going to be hired by Jim’s company to handle homeowner requested repairs. Margaret Jenkins asked if homeowner directory could be released to other owners. Renee will send out an email and letter asking homeowners to give permission to release their information. She discussed the homeowners’ welcome packet and said anyone can request one. Margaret asked if anyone can contribute to the newsletter and was told to submit any articles to Renee. The next one will be in September and articles must be submitted by the last week of August. Renee described the website and asked for any problems accessing it to be reported.

Archivist report: Tom Mauldin. Tom stated that he and George Hall and Anne Balnicki are original owners. Tom discussed the tree trimming policy and town ordinance which will be listed on the website. Removal of trees must be approved by the town and a registered arborist must be used. Tree trimming is permitted but not topping. Request for trimming must be arranged through the HBV office and a board member or staff has to be present when trees are trimmed. Any trimming for view enhancement must be paid for by the homeowner. The association pays for removal of dead or diseased trees. Any tree planting must also be approved by the association. Homeowners will be fined for failure to adhere to this policy as trees are one of our greatest resources.

Maintenance Committee: Jesus Hernandez. Jesus discussed the maintenance report (attachment 2). He explained the major projects accomplished for structural repairs, maintenance and grounds. Marlene Rossin asked to have gas cans stored away from C building and Renee said she would inform Jim Frye. Karen recognized Jim Cary for his work on designing the entrance sign and assisting with new water cutoffs. Thanks to the special assessment we have completed many of the repairs on the structural plan and will continue these this year. Jesus asked for patience in getting homeowner repairs completed inside the units. Most of these will be addressed during the off season as the maintenance staff is very busy trying to accomplish major repairs before winter arrives.

Recognitions: Karen Alexander. Karen recognized the excellent work of each board member, our office manager and maintenance contractor and his staff. She has made a donation of $200 for beautification in honor of all.

Old Business: Jesus discussed that individual unit signs are planned for this year. Renee has obtained estimates and we will select a vendor once these have been completed. The signs will meet all codes from the town. Additional entrance signs are planned for the other roads as well.

New business: Tom explained that electrical boxes are aging and may fail. We have had two units with problems so far. He experienced a broken circuit during a snow storm which caused loss of power at the worst time. His box and circuit had to be replaced due to corrosion. Homeowners were encouraged to notify the office if they want these replaced at their cost. Karen will discussed this issue with an electrician and arrange for those boxes to be inspected and fixed at one time to help with cost. These repairs are the responsibility of homeowners and may cost $300-400 per unit. We will also keep two boxes and circuits on hand for emergencies.

Homeowners concerns:

An itemized list of all clubhouse expenses is available to anyone who wants to see these. Jesus explained the process for up fitting the clubhouse.
H and C building soffits will be covered with a fascia board to improve appearance.
The floor areas under the windows will be painted brown instead of beige.
The names of all workers on the campus will be included in the newsletter.
Homeowner’s packet is available by request to all contact Renee.
Satellite dishes are not allowed on public areas. The signal does not work well on beech anyway.
Coleen expressed concern about the way the proxy ballots were developed these will be researched again.
The dirt dump area next to FGH will be eliminated this fall as it is temporary.
Nick Rossin expressed concern about expenditure of special assessment and lack of homeowner input. Karen explained that the homeowners have received several items explaining how the special assessment is to be used and that homeowners can give input at board meetings. The homeowners voted last year that the board may change priorities as it deems necessary and this was supported by the attorney as long as it is used for improvements. She encouraged Nick to meet with her if he had any specific questions and she would assist him.
Robert Jenkins announced that a special meal in honor of the board and staff is planned for tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the clubhouse and all are invited.
Sonya Gradus offered positive feedback to the board for all the accomplishments this year. She suggested that homeowners may also want the electrical panels changed inside their units if they are having any electrical work done.
Bill Gruman spoke about positive progress in association.
Bill Gruman and Jack Wilson agreed to be proctors during the election.

Recess for lunch and election (1 hour). Homeowners were encouraged to stay to hear the results of the elections. There is a quorum present with proxy ballots. Each unit can submit one ballot. The election results were announced and all existing board members were reelected; Karen Alexander, Saul Moore and Jesus Hernandez plus Margaret Jenkins and Joe Crist.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30

Respectfully submitted,
Jesus Hernandez
Board Secretary