Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Meeting Date: July 16, 2005
​Meeting Place: Holiday Beech Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 10:00 Ending Time: 12:00

1. Call to Order;
Jesus Hernandez, Vice-President

Jesus called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. Board members present: Jesus Hernandez, Saul Moore, Joe Crist, Margaret Jenkins, Yvonne Clay

Homeowners and guests signed in: Greg Lanier, K Patricia Higgins, Victoria Martin, Ed Robertson, Claude Chapman, Ann Balnicki, Jack & Diane Wilson, Diane Keasler, Kemp & marilyn Baker, Howard and Cecile Esko, Tom Mauldin, Nick & Marlene Rossin, Bill & Eva Grunman, Bob Jenkins, Linda Talbot, Laura Seltzer, Andre Kraska.

2. Recognition of Homeowners and Guests
Jesus welcomed everyone to the meeting. Each person present stood and announced the unit number in which they reside.

3. Comments from the President/Vice president
Jesus explained that Karen Alexander was unable to attend due to a family emergency but sent her regards. He referred everyone to the agenda and packet of handouts and the sign-in sheet. Jesus read the mission, vision, and values statement that guides the association.

4. Approval of the 2004 Annual Meeting Minutes
Saul moved to approve, Yvonne seconded. Motion passed.

5. Discussion of Quarterly Outcomes Progress
Jesus asked homeowners to review the Yearly Outcomes document (Attachment 1) and to read it carefully at later time. He discussed and highlighted certain accomplishments under each major heading. The board uses this process for continuous quality improvement and accountability of accomplishments.

6. Committee Reports
A. Research Analyst 
Yvonne reported that we have no outstanding liens or foreclosures at this time and only approximately $3000 in delinquent accounts. Some of these funds are not due until the end of the quarter. She thanked all the homeowners for their fiscal accountability.

B. Maintenance Committee: 
Margaret asked Jesus to report. Jesus referred to the maintenance report document (Attachment 2) and asked homeowners to review and read it carefully at a later time. It explains the major processes that guide decisions about maintenance. Jesus reviewed the list of projects that are in process and have been approved through August.

C. Long Term Planning Committee
Jesus explained that funds will be set aside for deferred maintenance and that the structural assessment is used for planning.

D. Construction Review/ Physical Plant Committee
Jesus explained that all items listed as high priority and priority items on the structural assessment are addressed first. Bids are taken for large construction projects and all construction is built to code and inspected by the town. The association is grandfathered for compliance with existing codes enforced at the time of construction for all existing construction. The engineer reviews all work completed at the end of the work season and gives input for process improvement. Jesus explained that the structural loan was spent on structural projects and that the special assessment was targeted for structure, maintenance, improvements, paying off the loan and deferred maintenance/emergencies.

E. Archive Committee
Saul reported that all association documents are archived in office and any copies of official documents to be archived are to be given to him.

F. Insurance Special Report
Saul explained that our current carrier had notified HBV that the policy would not be renewed. He researched several companies and options and met with their representatives. Based on bids received and coverage offered the Board approved to accept the bid from Denton Insurance Agency for $19.748 annually. This covers a 1 million dollar umbrella and officers and directors. Flood and earthquake insurance is not included and the association has not had these in the past. The coverage was effective on 7/16/05 and there were no stipulations from the insurance company. Jesus gave a summary of the water leak that occurred in F building and losses that were incurred. Jim Frye was commended for his diligence in working with the homeowners and several insurance companies to correct the problems.

G. Budget--Financials are not placed on the web. They may be obtained from the office.
Saul distributed the annual budget (Attachment 3) and the special assessment budget (Attachment 4). He clarified several line items and answered questions.

H. By- Laws Committee
Saul reported no new changes to bylaws. The amended bylaws from last year were recorded in the county courthouse.

H. Social Committee 
Greg Lanier explained that T-Shirts were for sale and proceeds were to be used by the beautification committee. A hot dog huddle lunch will be provided at the end of meeting.

5. Homeowners Comments
Jesus asked homeowners to raise their hands to be acknowledged and stated that not all concerns may be addressed today but would be taken into consideration by the board at board meetings after they are properly researched.

A. Bob Grunman: Commended the board. A, B, C have concern with driveway. Sliding on driveway to street can lead to legal liability. Earth bank continues to fall into driveway. All driveways are a concern. These improvements will increase property values.

Jesus explained that large rocks have been ordered to support the bank.

B. Nick Rossin: Jim Frye gave estimate of $5000 to due a concrete driveway to A, B, C. Nick got an estimate for asphalt for driveway and apron for same amount. The estimate for K parking lot was for $2400.

C. Kemp Baker suggested that we use funds allocated for reserve or loan payments to pave the driveway to A, B, C.

D. Victoria Martin and Bob Jenkins stated that money from the assessment should be redirected for other needed projects without having to go back to homeowners for approval.

Jesus stated that he believed that the assessment should be targeted for those items that were listed on the assessment letter sent to homeowners. Nick Rossin suggested that the structural loan not be paid back from the assessment and that those funds be used for needed improvements.

After much discussion the majority of homeowners supported that the Board has the authority to change the priorities of the special assessment and determine how it should be spent.

E. Claude Chapman proposed we do something about the individual unit number signs. He presented a polycarbonate sign that will last forever and can be purchased for $25/unit.

He made a motion to have the board pay half and the homeowners pay the other half. 
Victoria Martin seconded the motion. Motion failed. Moe made another motion to have board explore sign options and research issue in more depth before a decision is made. Motion seconded and approved.

F. Andre Kraska stated that the window trim to B building needs to be painted as it remains unfinished from last year’s repairs. Jesus explained that pressure treated wood must remain unpainted for 6 months to cure.

G. Sonya Gradus expressed concern about tree work needed for view enhancement. She asked other homeowners that interested in getting together to hire an arborist to improve their views to contact her.

Jesus explained that the association does not pay for tree work for view enhancement. Homeowners may window trees at their cost but no tree may be topped. A town approved arborist must be hired and an association board member or employee must be present whenever there is any tree work being conducted for homeowners to assure that all regulations are followed. The association is responsible for removal of dead or dying trees and to keep trees away from building and for safety.

6. Awards and recognitions.
President Karen Alexander drove up to Beech to deliver the recognition and awards to make sure they were received then had to return to her family. She prepared the framed certificates and wrote comments about each individual and asked Jesus to present these on her behalf. Jesus started by presenting a plaque thanking Karen for her leadership. The beautification committee improved her garden with mulch as a thank you gift. Jesus thanked everyone on the board and presented each with a certificate of appreciation for their hard work as volunteers and their accomplishments. The association is fortunate to have such a productive and diligent team. Jesus presented certificates to our employee Renee Castiglione for her process improvements in the office and bookkeeping. She is a tremendous asset to HBV. Contractor Jim Frye was commended for his craftsmanship and many accomplishments to improve our association’s structure and maintain it. Margaret explained how fortunate we are to have such a dedicated partner and detailed how he uses his equipment and how he saves the association daily with his efficiency and creativity. Several homeowners expressed their thanks to the board and our employees and associates for a job well done. Jesus thanked the homeowners for their ongoing support and input at the annual meeting.

7. Elections
Saul asked all homeowners to vote if they had not sent a proxy vote already and to submit the homeowner surveys. Ballots were distributed and collected. The votes received by mail were opened and tallied. Saul verified that only homeowners had voted and that we had one vote per unit on a tally sheet. The tally was conducted by homeowners not running for positions while the homeowners had lunch.

The elections were announced. Forty votes were cast, 3 present did not vote. Elected were Tom Mauldin, Linda Mincey and Suzanne Evans. Linda and Suzanne were not present. The board will send them a letter informing them of their election and responsibilities.

8. Meeting Adjourned
Jesus adjourned the meeting and invited everyone to stay for the subsequent board meeting which will start at 2 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Jesus A. Hernandez