Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Annual Meeting July 17, 2010

Karen called the annual meeting to order at 10:00. The board introduced themselves.
Karen Alexander
Jesus Hernandez
Howard Esko
Janet Parker
Fatima Hicks
Charlie Robinson

Karen noted that there is a quorum. Karen asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting. A motion was made, second, and approved.

Howard Esko, Treasurer gave the financial report.

Question as to when the loan would be paid off. Karen mentioned that we anticipated it would be paid off this year; however, because of unforeseen expenses we will have to reconsider the payoff date at the board meeting today at 2 p.m. All homeowners are welcomed to attend.

A question was posed whether individual meters had been installed. Beech has been going up on rates for water each year. Our monthly bill was approximately $2500 on the month and $4500 on the quarter. The new monthly bill came in at 4006.00. All rates have gone up, but only the condos have been affected by 80% since they have not been paying their fair share over the years. State requirements say that all towns water will have to be self sufficient.

Renee gave her report and presented the new handy man Will Havron. He has a background in construction. Dana moved away to Wisconsin. George DeLora is another contractor helping us with major projects. He is replacing damage decks. He is reasonable and right now is doing the big projects.

We had $1800 delinquent dues. One unit has not paid since November and we have a claim of lien against it. The unit is for sale and we will get our money once it sells. It is on the market. Two foreclosed units sold. The two bedroom went for 80K and we recovered all losses except 2K. We are delinquent $1400 for special assessment due to insufficient funds and late payments.

We have major problems with top decks. The top of D building has sunk 2 inches and is being replaced. Three units F321, F322 and F323 decks will be replaced next. We will try to recycle some of the boards by turning them over to save funds, if they are not too rotted through. In doing work related to structural issues, a permit is required from the Town. Then the Town Inspector, Stan Hanna, will come and inspect the project, stating any issues he sees that must also be corrected.

We are going to add a wooden deck platform to bottom of E, D, and B since they stay moist. We keep trying different solutions to moisture problems on bottom floors.

The K building bottom floor wall will be repaired since it is bowing.

We think we finally fixed the leak in D214 since we replaced shingles and pans under sliding glass doors. We believe the leak to be fixed after 3 years of troubleshooting.

If you have dogs they must be on leash or voice control. Please don’t just let your dogs out to roam around without direct visual and voice control. Please pick up after your dogs.

If you smoke don’t throw butts out over decks.

Please reserve the clubhouse if you plan on using it.

If anyone has a good stove or a computer please donate these to the clubhouse.

Phone numbers of owners cannot be given out by association.

Jesus acknowledged Renee and her work as new HBV manager. She is now directly dealing with maintenance issues and Jesus is the board member that works directly with her on these issues. Renee and Jesus make periodic rounds to identify problems and rely on owners to use the processes for repairs. Please put any needed repairs in writing. These are added to the list which is kept updated on the web site. Lights continue to be a problem. We are exploring using more solar lights. Karen reminded the group that we have a green policy.

Howard reported we did not have a claim this year against our insurance company so our premium decreased by $5000.

Karen acknowledged the homeowners of the year, Nina and les Eiskowitz, for beautifying area and bringing the satellite tv contract to the board. Several owners were also recognized, Judy Fleming, Marlene Rockwell, Margaret Jenkins, Pat Kyle, Fatima Hicks and Jesus Hernandez for making HBV more beautiful.

Renee presented the satellite topic and referred to documents in packet. The contract is being reviewed by our lawyer. We will lease the equipment for 7 years and then we own it. We will have close to 100 channels including Showtime and radio channels. Jesus reviewed that with the master satellite that HBV purchasing the channels offered cannot be changed for individual owners. Owners can have individual channels by getting another dish and a separate contract with a satellite company, but they must communicate this to the board. Karen reminded that an owner must continue to pay the same POA/month and not deduct the cost for their satellite according to our bylaws.

Karen asked for input about new tree policy. Homeowners can email and send their comments or stay for the board meeting. The policy has not been voted on yet by the board so it is not up for a vote now. The new Town Ordinance will charge $1000 for each tree that is cut without a permit. The current Holiday Beech policy is in effect until the new policy is approved.

No old business.

The ethics policy was presented. This updates our current policy to add additional protections. This is an example of our process of continuous quality improvement. Charlie recommended we add a disciplinary action item for failure to adhere to the policy. The policy was approved unanimously with the addition.

New business. A homeowner asked if Larry could plow Village Road since he does a great job with the parking lots, but it’s hard to get out if that road is not plowed. Village Road is a Town road and the town does not allow for individuals to plow. Owners can call the town to ask for it to be plowed.

Jeff Hickey asked about how expenses are prorated for units in order to show others how the money is utilized.

There is now a brochure that describes what is provided by the association. Other associations do not provide as many perks as HBV. We are also the only HOA at Beech with onsite management. In order to balance the budget, increases are required periodically as costs increase. Marlene Rockwell asked if limits can be placed on increases. The declaration and bylaws dues are set by the board in order to meet the budget. Karen discussed the responsibilities of the association for maintaining the association.

The election was conducted for board members. Charlie Robinson and Janet Parker were re-elected. Meeting was adjourned.