Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Annual Meeting Minute
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: July 18, 2009 Meeting Place: Holiday Beech Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 12:45 Ending Time: 3:30

To make the minutes concise all motions were made, seconded and approved by unanimous vote according to Robert’s Rules of Order unless specified otherwise.

1. Call To Order: Karen Called Meeting to Order

Jesus Hernandez, Karen Alexander, Claude Chapman, Charlie Robinson, Fatima Hicks, Judy Flemming. Absent is Howard Esko.

Quorum is present.

2. Recognition of Homeowners Dub Hicks.

3. Comments from the President: Karen welcomed everyone.

4. Minutes of July 18, 2009 approved unanimously.

5. Annual outcomes third quarter. All completed except window sills. Motion that sills are responsibility of the owner as per the bylaws. Homeowners that have rotted sills that allow water to penetrate building will be notified that these will need to be repaired within 90 days of notification. We will ask Jim Frye to give a bid on those sills impacted. Unanimous approval. This outcome will be moved to first quarter.

All rear decks are complete except B that will be moved to first quarter.

There are some leaks associated with D repairs to back decks . These are being addressed and a credit will be given by contractor for B building.

Some units in D are experiencing leaks and the metal soffits may need to be pitched.

The unit outside lights will be refurbished over time. Motion to send notification that owners are not to replace these lights as they belong to the association. If they are not functioning notify the office and they will be refurbished by HBV. Motion approved unanimously.

Ask Renee to create a blog for owners as outcome.

There are some pickets missing from some of the ends of the decks. These need to be replaced ASAP to be in compliance with updated codes. Ask Larry to check all pickets and fix those that have loosen.

Fatima presented a drawing on how to improve the A shed with doors and a faux window. Ask Renee to get estimate using mulch instead of stone for patio area.

Replace the staircase in front of club house and the one between D and E.

Fix the driveway that goes to bottom area between F and G by adding Portland cement to ruts and also in front of E . Karen will do this project.

Reserve Fund is ongoing and $396 is added to the account every month.

Ask Renee to do a financial report workshop for board.

Refurbish garden in front of clubhouse. When back hoe is obtained for digging around A shed, till the area around the Christmas tree across from the sign in preparation for planting.

Karen will speak to once again insurance company about amount to insure given the falling property values for 90% of replacement. No further reports since these were given at the annual meeting.

6. Financial report: Assessment monies are kept in money market account separate from regular account. No delinquencies, except the units that have been in arrears one in D and one in E, F and K for 1950. HBV does not put financial information on the website.

7. Maintenance report was prepared by Renee. Attachment 2.

Deck repairs completed to back of H and D. Building B has been scheduled.

Discussion on tree trimming for view improvement. Charlie said he had some concerns about trees and that views add value to HBV. He read the town policy on trees and suggested that some trees needed trimming or crowning. He met with Tony Hunter and Tony said topping is better in some situations over windowing or crowning as it is for a tree behind his unit. The town allows topping of trees under certain conditions. The HBV policy is stricter than the town policy as it prohibits topping. View enhancement trimming is to be arranged and paid for by owners following the policy and not the association. Charlie and Karen will coordinate getting Tony Hunter to give an estimate and all owners that want to enhance their views can share the cost. The town ordinance and HBV policy on trees will be followed. All present except for Jesus are interested in this meeting with Tony to discuss options for view enhancement. Jesus said that he did this several years ago with other owners in F building and his view is excellent and does not need enhancement at this time so he opted out. Any plans for tree work will be brought back to the board for final approval. Changes to the tree policy will need to go to owners for a vote.

Charlie reviewed the engagement agreement from Ward and Smith. He recommended that we do not change at this time considering the cost. Board agreed to maintain our current attorney.

Board approved that Renee take all courses needed for certification.

Discussion on NC laws about occupancy of units based on number of people per square feet. Karen will ask Renee to investigate this issue and also if we should require that owners complete a background check on long tern renters.

Claude discussed need for owners to conduct a criminal background check on prospective owners. Karen said other associations do this. All agreed it was a good idea and for the cost to be paid by the owner. Renee will draft a policy to be presented to the board and owners for a vote for each of these issues.

Concern that town is not picking up garbage each week as we paying for service. Renee to investigate.
Next board meeting for November 21, 2009.

Respectfully submitted
Jesus A. Hernandez Board Secretary