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Annual Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: July 20, 2013
Meeting Place: Holiday Beech Clubhouse

President, Ed Anthony, called the meeting to order at 10:00 A.M. The President introduced himself along with the current Board Members. Ed Anthony also announced that Karen Alexander will no longer be a member of the Board of Directors as she plans to become involved with politics in her place of residence. Karen was praised for her attributions to Holiday Beech Villas, was presented a plaque (to be placed on the wall in the clubhouse) and a gift. Karen gave a short speech of thanks and honored Renee Castiglione as our Association Manager. Renee has taken exams to become a Condominium Association Manager.

The Minutes of the Last Annual Meeting were approved. Judy Fleming made the motion for approval and Janet Parker seconded the motion.

Special Assessment Project Update
The Board of Directors (BOD) made the decision to redesign the buildings of HBV in order to provide a savings to our repairs. This decision will not shorten the term of assessment because the savings will be used for repairs where needed. Renee commented that $38,740 has been used to repair the A Building. A Building has essentially been rebuilt. Repairs will be made as the work progresses.

Ed Anthony discussed the soffit replacement and removal. The soffits will be discussed at the BOD Meeting at 1:00 P.M. The soffit has to be removed for painting and repairs.

A homeowner asked what we are going to do about the buildings that have already been shingled all the way down. Ed stated that this was to be discussed by the BOD and no decision has been made at this time. K building is an example of the possible changes to each building.

Irene Alvarez (E118) questioned the issue between D & E buildings of the steps and tree.

Don Westmoreland, Treasurer 
Don referred homeowners to the financial document included in the Annual Meeting Packet. He indicated that we were over budget in several areas, specifically in the following:

Telephone, due to conference calls;
Electricity, due to the cold winter and heating the clubhouse;
Attorney, for land swap research;
Office, for mailings, new printer, increased postage and paying the balance of the laptop computer;
Contingency Fund, for the contribution to Yellow Mountain in honor of Robert Jenkins;
Bank Principle, additional payment on bank loan;
General Maintenance, Tony Hunter cut many dead trees and planted more;
Snow Removal; and,
Gas fuel, another tank was added.

A motion was made to accept the 2013 – 2104 Budget. Motion was seconded. The Budget was approved.

We were over budget by approximately $1700.00

Foreclosure – F121 and D315 
To be discussed at the BOD Meeting at 1:00 P.M.

Renee Castiglione, Property Manager 
General Maintenance Report:

See attached. In place of Larry Parish for general emergencies, James is now the Emergency Contact. His telephone number is:  828-457-2892
The driveway between G & F buildings is being repaired from the heavy rains we have had.

Our Association insurance has been accepted by Auto Owners. Bill Smith was recognized for the recommendation which saved us $9,000. It has been recommended that unit owners insure their units with Auto Owners, also. Our contact is Robert Hamilton, and his phone number is 770-250-0164

Renee also commented on the updating the inside of the Club House. It is a vast improvement and looks great!

New Business 
New Windows/Doors Policy to be presented and voted upon:
Ed Anthony reviewed the changes in the door and window policies (see attached) which needed to be voted on by the members. Frank Jenkins motioned and Jim Cary seconded to approve the policies. The policies were approved.

Other Business
No other business to be discussed

Election for New Board Members
The members re-elected Janet Parker and Carol Robinson for a 3 year term and newly elected Laurie Chilelli for a 3 year term to serve on the Holiday Beech Condo Association Board of Directors. Ed Anthony announced the new Board Members.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Robinson