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Annual Meeting Agenda 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association<

Meeting Date: July 21, 2007 Meting Place: Holiday Beech Clubhouse
1. Call to Order;
Karen Alexander, President

Karen called the meeting to order welcomed homeowners and investors and acknowledged the board. Each member introduced themselves. Karen acknowledged Renee Castiglione as office manager

Board members present: Karen Alexander, Jesus Hernandez, Saul Moore, Yvonne Clay, Tom Mauldin absent Dianne Keasler.

Homeowners and guests signed in: Greg Lanier, Pat Kyle, Eva and Bill Gruman, Irvin Wood, Marlene Rockwell, Victoria Martin, Jack and Diane Wilson, Nick Rossin, Claude Chapman, Jim Carey, Joe Crist, Bob and Margaret Jenkins, Oscar Hull, Robert Whittaker, Charles and Carol Robinson, Howard and Cecile Esko, Irene Alvarez, Cliff Haskins, Frank and Patti Jenkins, Joe Crist, Jim Flemming, Danny Cox, George Hall, Wayne Hurd, Sonia Prosperi, Sonia and Ben Gradus, Jan Marriott.

Comments from the President: Karen explained our membership in the chamber of commerce and homeowner’s association organization and our presence and attendance in town meetings to represent the needs of the association. 

Approval of the July, 2006 Minutes. Karen asked for approval of minutes, motion was seconded and passed.

Board Reports:
Vice president: Saul Moore. Stated that there was a quorum present including the 15 proxy ballots Saul presented a summary of the history of the association as it relates to structural issues beginning in 2002. The office was also in disorder in 2003 and we were in arrears with IRS and bills. This was straightened out. No written procedures were available. An outside CPA was used to get things organized. The positions of office manger and maintenance coordinator were created. Major structural problems were found under G building. Dues were increased and a loan for $45,000 was obtained. A special assessment for 3 years was started in 2005 to complete the needed repairs. A structural engineer was hired to determine the extent of structural needs. 121 working items were identified in the structural report. Most of these items have been completed and some are in process. The engineer will meet with Karen and determine any other needs. Special assessment projectswere also identified for completion for a total of 11 items. Moe explained that two items are still in process including paying off the loan and setting a reserve fund which we have started. The rest of the roofs will eventually have to be replaced for a total of $106,000. There will be a sequence identified for replacement as roofs fail.

Treasurer: Yvonne Clay. Yvonne also does internal auditing. As of June 30, all unpaid funds have been paid except for $120. We are in perfect balance with the bank. She thanked the homeowners for their support. (ALL FINANCIAL INFORMATION IS NOT KEPT ON WEB. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE FOR INFORMATION.)

Renee reported on financials. $19000 is due on loan and $500-$1000 is paid each month additionally on principal. $14344.16 balance in checking, $5169.74 in money market. She will give an end of year report for each unit on their financials for their units. Renee explained her processes for checks. She recognized the good work of Larry Parish, the maintenance contractor. WI-FI is now available for all owners in the clubhouse only. She asked owners not to park in front of dumpsters or handicapped areas. She also explained the pet policy and that the town does not have a leash law.

Maintenance Committee: Jesus Hernandez. Jesus discussed the maintenance report (posted on web). This report shows all projects in process and those completed. He explained the major projects accomplished for structural repairs, maintenance and grounds. The procedure for maintenance and the report are updated on the web. Everyone is responsible for identifying maintenance needs. A form is to be completed and given to Renee then it is brought to the maintenance coordinator who will discuss it with the board. Priorities are determined based on needs and resources so that each building gets its share of repairs and improvements. Jesus thanked Larry Parrish for all his good work. Major projects completed to all buildings include pressure washing, painting rails back and front, new pickets back and front, soffits and covers, bottom walls repairs, mail boxes, road improvements and signage. The fireplace to the clubhouse now works and uses gas and can heat in emergencies.

Jesus introduced the policies and procedures that were sent to homeowners in the annual meeting packet. These also have been posted on the web. The board is entrusted to make policies by the bylaws and these to be approved by the homeowners. Jesus explained that any corrections related to spelling or grammar or format can be given to Renee and will be incorporated as editorial changes. Motion to approve the policies from the board. Pat Kyle had question about getting keys to the clubhouse. It will be added to the keys policy that keys to the clubhouse may be obtained from the office for $5.00. Substitute motion by Greg Lanier to wait until all corrections were made before voting. Motion was seconded but motion failed. Victoria Martin and Bill Grumman spoke in favor of accepting policies. Original motion to approve bylaws with any corrections passed except for three against.

Jesus spoke about a grievance procedure and asked any homeowners that wanted to serve on the ad hoc arbitration committee to give their names to Renée.

Archivist Tom Maudlin: Tom has been in contact with an original owner that will be providing some of the original brochures to the units. Tom also reported on he development taking place on Slopeside Ave. Concerns of HBV were given to town council. HBV has been in constant touch with Keith Cook on this issue. The developers are selling the lots for $84,000 and the cabins will cost $550,000. Margaret Jenkins explained that the same company is also developing a very nice site called Sugar Point in Sugar mountain and brought brochures.

Recognitions: Karen recognized the excellent work of Renee and presented her with flowers. She also presented a plaque to Joe Crist. Joe paid for all the individual unit signs and has contributed much to the association and served on the board for 4 years. She also recognized owners that have contributed to beatification to the association; Margaret and Bob Jenkins, Pat Kyle, Marlene Rockwell, Judy Flemming, and Linda Mincey. The Golden Trowel award was given to Fatima Hicks for her plantings around her unit and the clubhouse. A letter from Fatima war read expressing her support for the association.

New business: Nick Rossin asked that the rest of ABC be paved for a cost of $10,000. The homeowners have agreed to pay half. Bill Gruman supported paving the roads since it will improve property values. Wayne Hurd spoke against the paving believing that the gravel roads are preferable. Karen explained the environmental issues with paving. Jesus also discussed issues with water runoff in B building. Margaret explained that Coleen Werner is sick and Barbara Toomey as well is now in assistant living. Sonia Prosperi explained and apologized about using handicapped space and explained about leashing her dogs. Pat Kyle expressed her support for the association and board. Marlene Rockwell expressed her support. Sonia Gradus expressed her support.

Old Business: Karen discussed the issue with Linda Mincey and that this issue has been referred to the attorney for further action if needed. Victoria Martin expressed her support for the board and association. Several owners expressed their concerns about receiving the letters from Linda Mincey and expressed their support for the board on this issue.

Election of Board: Bill Gruman and Bob Jenkins declined their nomination to the board at this time. Renee passed out ballots and counted them. 54.4288% of homeowners voted. Recess for lunch and election. Homeowners were encouraged to stay to hear the results of the elections. There is a quorum present with proxy ballots. Each unit can submit one ballot. Renee announced that Yvonne Clay was elected and that Charles Robinson and Claude Chapman are new members.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30
Respectfully submitted,
Jesus Hernandez
Board Secretary