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Annual Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: July 21, 2012 Meeting Place: Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 10:00 Ending Time: 12:00

President, Karen Alexander, called the meeting to order at 10:00am

Karen Alexander asked Renée, the property manager, if there was a quorum at the meeting. Renée stated that there was a quorum.

A motion was made to approve the Minutes of Last Annual Meeting, held July 16, 2011 and seconded by Greg Lanier, H332. A vote was taken and the motion was approved.

Officer/Committee Reports
Karen Alexander said she appreciated everyone’s attendance and participation at Holiday Beech Villas.

Karen also asked for a moment of silence in memory of Charlie Robinson, Vice President of Holiday Beech Villas, who died one year ago today, from a biking accident.

Karen mentioned that a few years ago an engineer said that our buildings are much better built than new buildings. As a matter of fact, a building in Blowing Rock only a few years old had to be condemned.

Our satellite is working well. We are getting more programming for less cost compared to the new contract we were getting from Charter. And, under our new satellite contract, the equipment will be paid for in six years and then we will only be paying for the programming.

Every project that we accomplish puts us in better stead. For years nothing was done. About 10 years ago the new Board started structuring the Association as a Corporation. By creating this structure and environment, needed work on the buildings were conducted without a “personal interest”, but work that benefitted all Homeowners. Everything was focused on the Holiday Beech Villas as one unit.

Don Westmoreland referred Homeowners to their Annual Meeting packet for the fiscal years chart of accounts.

Don mentioned being over in certain areas, and referred to Renée, property manager, to speak about it.

      Property Manager
Renée Castiglione
Amount due on the loan of $45,000.00 taken out in December of 2010 is now $24,444.53

We were over budget in a few areas. One being landscaping. It was explained that the work was actually completed in the last fiscal year, but the invoice was not presented to be paid until this fiscal year.

Renée miscalculated the budget for water/sewer/trash. It was calculated $14,000 more than the actual expense. For the current 2012 – 2013 budget, this has been changed, and the new budget reflects those changes.

Unfortunately, General Maintenance is always over budget. One reason being the new top deck boards at the B building, plus reinforcing that top deck.  Also, many smaller projects had to be done. And, the lights not working correctly is always a problem and expense.

                  Recycling Bins Removal
Renée explained to the Homeowner’s that the recycling bins belong to the Town and that, because they are not used that much, the Town only picks up once a year. Renée asked Homeowner’s if it would be ok to have the Town remove the recycling bins so that we have more room in the cul-de-sac and that they are not such an eyesore.

Richard Loerky, F323, requested that we not remove the bins, but that we, instead, make an effort to convince Homeowner’s to recycle. Renée mentioned that she couldn’t even get Homeowner’s to take their garbage to the Town’s recycling center for fear of bodily harm from bears, how can she get them to recycle.

Sonia Gradus, B206 and F224, mentioned that if we take the recycling bins away, that renters, and people not associated with Holiday Beech Villas, will just leave their bags on the ground where the recycling bins were located.

A vote was taken and the majority of the Homeowner’s approved the removal of the recycling bins

Signs for Dumpsters
Because people from outside of the Holiday Beech community are using the dumpsters, including construction workers not associated with Holiday Beech, Renée asked Homeowner’s about placing signs on the garbage stating “Private Property, No Trespassing” or something to that affect. Richard Loerky, F323, gave the suggestion “Private! Owner/Renters Only. No Construction Material”.  We will use this verbiage for the sign.

Homeowner Survey
Renée asked Homeowner’s to refer to the section in the Annual Meeting Package that pertained to the results of this survey. 28 Homeowner’s responded by meeting time. But, compared to past surveys, this is the usual amount of responses.

Land Survey
Renée spoke about the land survey conducted by A n A Survey. Homeowner’s Nina and Les Eiskowitz of D311 were going to add a deck on the side of their unit (which was approved by the Board). When the contractor went to get a permit for this deck, it was denied due to what the Town perceived as property encroachment, also stating that the property line went through the end of the F building.

At that time it was decided that a survey of all HBV property, with building placement shown on the property, needed to be completed. The survey shows that the property line does not go through the F building, and there is, at a minimum, 15 feet between the end of the D building to the property line.

Another reason for this survey was to resolve an issue that came up a few years ago regarding HBV’s encroachment on another property. Back in the late 70s, the minutes show that HBV was going to convey a piece of their property on Village Road with property that abuts the F and D building property. Plans were drawn up which indicated this conveyance. The minutes in the early 80s show that all the paperwork was completed and just needed to be filed at the Courthouse. For some reason, the HBV property was conveyed to the other owner, but the property that HBV was to get was not filed. In the meantime, the HBV Board, at the time, must have thought it was “official”, because HBV built the cul-de-sac for both the D and F building that encroaches on this property.

Now that the survey is complete, we have asked the attorney how much it would cost for HBV to begin proceedings to claim this property.

Karen Alexander recognized Margaret Jenkins, Pat Kyle, Nina Eiskowitz, Marlene Rockwell, and Carol Robinson for the time and energy in planting around Holiday Beech Villas and making it more beautiful.

Karen Alexander spoke about Jesus Hernandez, who has elected not to run for the Board this year. Karen presented a plaque to Jesus (in absentia) for his accomplishments over the last ten years as a Holiday Beech Villas Board member. Holiday Beech Villas would be much less successful without him. Everyone belonging to the Holiday Beech Villas community is thankful for Jesus’ contribution to making it a very beautiful campus, and a successful condominium association.

Old Business:
Last year’s discussion of Raccoon damage.
Karen spoke about the steps we will be taking to keep raccoons from damaging our buildings and keeping them out from in between the floors of our building. We will be blocking off the tops of all outside closets with 2x4 boards and hardware cloth wrapped over the boards, so that the raccoons can’t dig into the buildings and get between the floors of building.

New Business:
North Carolina HOA Legislation
Within the Annual Meeting packet there is a proposed legislation for the State of North Carolina regarding Homeowners Associations. Renée is keeping an eye on this legislation and is keeping the Board updated on these changes.

New Policies/Changes
Declaration and ByLaw changes: Acting on the Board’s suggestion, Renée made changes to the Declaration, to bring it up to date with the current procedures of the Board. These changes were presented to the ownership and all changes were approved.

Homeowner Project Half Payment: Policy regarding Homeowner’s paying for half a project in order to get the project down of ahead of schedule. This policy was presented to the ownership and all changes were approved.

A Signage Policy: A motion was made by Sonia Gradus, B206 and F224, to accept the Signage policy as written. This motion was seconded by Bill Gruman, B304. Karen Alexander asked for a discussion. There was no discussion. A vote was taken. The motion passed.

Hardiboard Shingles Policy: A motion was made by Claude Chapman, F326, to accept this Policy. Greg Lanier, H332, amended the motion with changes of taking out one of the roman numeral III entries, and renumbering roman numeral IV and V. Sonia Gradus, B206 and F224, seconded this amended motion. A vote was taken. The motion passed.

Nick Rossin, C209, said he was not against the assessment. He asked if the initial bank loan from 10 years ago had been used and paid off. He was told that, yes, it was used and paid for. Nick also asked if we could get another loan to be used for the assessment instead of assessing Homeowner’s. Karen Alexander stated that we didn’t want to take out a loan for an assessment because it would cost the Association more money by paying back the loan plus interest. She stated that we do have a credit line, but we want to keep that available for a true emergency, when we might need money upfront.

Nick said that we should raise our dues, instead of being assessed all the time. Greg Lanier, H332, said that we should not do that as in 3 years, the assessment will be over with and we can go back to our “regular” monthly dues, whereas if we now raise the dues, just because of the 3 year assessment, the dues will never go back down. The Homeowner’s agreed with Greg on this issue.

Karen asked the Homeowner’s if they would want the Board to investigate raising the dues or keep the financials as proposed. The majority of Homeowner’s agreed with the Board actions.

Colors for the painting of the buildings
Some Homeowner’s wanted to know, since we were going to be painting the buildings, if we could do different colors.

Karen brought swatches from Lowes to choose new colors. After the meeting, some Homeowner’s got together and chose three new colors that they would like for buildings. Renée has tried to scan these swatches in, but the color is not true. If you would like to see the colors, stop by the office and she will be happy to show them to you.

Election for New Board Members: Ballots were collected.

Announcing New Board Members
Newly Elected Board Members Are:

Ed Anthony, E317 (3 years)
Mark Desaro, H232 (3 years)
Clyde Dills, F124 (3 years)
Karen Alexander, F225 and F226 (1 year)

The meeting was adjourned: 12:02 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Renée Castiglione
Property Manager