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Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: April 12, 2014
Meeting Place: Clubhouse

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President, Ed Anthony.

Board members on-site: Ed Anthony, Clyde Dills, Laurie Chilelli, Mark Deasaro
Board members by phone: Carol Robinson, Don Westmoreland
Property Manager, Renée Castiglione, was in attendance.

Recognition of Guests
David Wilson (E117) was recognized as a guest at this meeting.

President Comments
Ed had no specific comments at this time.

Minutes from Prior Meeting
Approval of the October 12, 2013 Minutes: Discussion was held regarding the minutes having open-ended items. The minutes need to show ending results. Action items or open-ended items should be listed at the end of all minutes. Mark motioned to approve the October 12 minutes, Laurie seconded the motion. The board approved the minutes as submitted.

Committee Reports:

Financial: Clyde Dills
Clyde reported our financials looked good. We were over budget on several items which was due mostly to weather conditions at Beech. We may have to consider raising the budget for snow removal. 

Maintenance: Renee Castiglione
Discussion was held because we have spent over $1,000.00 for James to pick up trash caused by the bears getting into the dumpsters. Some owners refuse to take their trash to the recycling center as a preventative measure. Several options were discussed as a solution.

Purchase “bear proof” dumpsters which are very expensive and a few cubic feet smaller than the ones we have. Assess each home owner for cost of the dumpster. The cost per unit would be approximately $34.00 for one dumpster and $170.00 for five.

We could get rid of the dumpsters all together. Keep some dumpsters along with a “bear proof” dumpster. The regular dumpsters would remain locked unless the “bear proof” one is full.

The final decision was to table this discussion and present it at the Annual Meeting.

New Business:

Delinquent payments, especially with Homeowners that admit they will let unit go back to the bank if it doesn’t sell.
Once the bank receives the property, we lose all delinquent monies, even if we have a lien on the property. When the bank transfers ownership of the property into their name, they will pay dues from that point forward. If the Association forecloses on property, we start the bidding process at ONLY what is owed to the Association. The Association may then continue in the bidding process, but any monies over what is owed to the Association goes back to the Homeowner of the foreclosed unit.

Depending on the circumstances, filing a claim of lien cannot be beneficial to HBV. At the Annual Meeting a summary of our options with late fees will be presented.

Discuss why Bank of America did not approve loan for a Homeowner owner buying a unit, based on HBV’s budget.
Bank of America is requiring our reserve account be budgeted for $23,000.00 (10% of the budget) prior to making loans for condo unit purchases. Ed motioned that we accept the budget as presented showing the increase in our reserve account. Mark seconded the motion and all were in favor. 

Review of Chimney Cleaning Policy (attachment) 
Discussion was held regarding our policy. Gas logs can be vented outside the unit, through the chimney or another type of vent; or not vented at all. You can have it not vented as long as it is not in a bedroom: a 1 bedroom unit is considered a “bedroom”. Wood burning chimneys need to be either inspected ($50.00) or inspected and cleaned ($135.00) and checked once a year. Gas vents/flues must be checked because of carbon monoxide build-up and must be checked once every other year. This is the Homeowners financial responsibility. This policy will be presented at the annual meeting to be voted on.

Review Budget (attachment) 
Ed motioned that we accept the budget as presented showing the increase in our reserve account. Mark seconded the motion and all were in favor. 

Homeowner and/or renters using the parking area to store vehicles that aren’t being used on a regular basis. What if the car doesn’t have a tag? Review Parking Policy. (attachment)
The board revised the Parking policy to show: It is prohibited to have an unregistered vehicle stored in any of the Holiday Beech Villa’s parking lots. These vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

This policy change will be presented at the annual meeting for approval.

Sliding Glass Door resolution with New River Building Supply
Some of the new sliding glass doors that were installed in A and D building had ice build-up on the interior of the door this winter. New River Building Supply, after much negotiation, refunded $5,000.00. New doors were purchased at Lowe’s at a small increase in price and installed. 

Financial possibility of adding wireless for all buildings
Mike Rogers of High Def, Inc., Banner Elk, presented information for adding wireless to all buildings at Holiday Beech Villas. There are several components for wireless: 1) Cost for hardware ranged from approximately $23,000 to $27,000. The better system is recommended, so there would not be frequency interference, 2) Labor: $80.00/hour but during the slow times the price could be negotiable; and, 3) Security. We could all have our own passwords. 

It was suggested if we don’t have the resources to do this right, we should not do it. Discussion was held and was decided that most homeowners are not at HBV enough to warrant the cost.

Other Business:

Ed Anthony would like to address pay increase for Renée (Renée hasn’t received a pay increase since 2009) 
A motion was made by Ed to increase Renee’s pay 5% an hour beginning July 1, 2014. Mark seconded the motion and all were in favor.

The meeting was adjourned. Next Board Meeting Date—July 19, 2014—Annual Meeting; Board Meeting to Follow

To be discussed at the Annual Meeting:

Bear Proof Dumpsters or what to do about the “bear” trash.
Delinquent Payments
Chimney Cleaning Policy
Parking Policy