Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Holiday Beech Villas
Board of Director's Meeting
April 16, 2005 10:00am

Present: Karen Alexander, Joe Crist, Moe Moore, Jesus Hernandez, and Yvonne Clay.
Absent: Margaret Jenkins. Margaret is recuperating from a hip transplant and doing very well. We hope to see her at the next Board meeting.

Karen Alexander, Chair, called the meeting to order.

Motion to approve the February minutes: Joe Crist. Second: Yvonne Clay. Unanimous vote to approve.

Discussion on High Country Bank signature cards: Moe Moore, Joe Crist, Yvonne Clay and Holiday Beech Villas new Office Manager will be listed on the accounts.

Committee Reports:
Yvonne Clay, Research Analyst: No claims of lien at this time. Yvonne thanked Lou Williamson for setting up the forms for record of payment for Membershp Dues and the Special Assessment. (attachment 1). After discussion about late charges for payments, the Board decided that the postmark date on the unit owner's envelope woule be used as the date received for late charges.

Moe Moore, Treasurer: Moe submitted the Treasurers report of income and expenses for the month as information (attachement 2). Motion to accept the report: Joe Crist. Second: Jesus Hernandez. Unanimous vote to approve.

Karen and Moe met with Jim Frye, Maintenance Coordinator, about insurance claims and payments for damage to F building. A meeting is planned with the Nationwide Insurance Adjuster.

Jim Frye submitted his Summer Building Plan (attachment 3). Board reviewed the plan and decided on the following:

Moe Moore will work on a schedule of projects with inputs from the Board and final approval by the Board before any work is started with a cost estimate to complete.
Jim Frye can hire one helper. Additional help must be approved by the Board.
Office Manager will investigate having an HBV account established at lowe's. No credit card for misc. items.
A desk and phone will be provided for the maintenance person.
Jim Frye will remain a subcontractor for HBV (not a full time employee) for this year.
HBV has a Garden Committee in place. The committee will develop a plan and budget and submit same to the Board.
The Board must approve all tree planting and/or removal.

Further decision on the Summer Building Plan and establishment of committees was tabled fo rdiscussion at the next Board meeting.

Long Range Planning:
Board requested that Jim Frye submit a cost estimate for repairing, replacing and rebuilding the stairs leading to the upper level in D building in conjunction with the request by the unit owner in D316.

Archives: No report
By Laws: No report
Social Committee: No report

Lou Williamson is resigning the position of HBV Office Manager since she will be moving to Land Harbor in the near future.

In the effort to have fully qualified individuals employed by HBV, the Board interviewed two prospective candidates for the position of Office Manager at Holiday Beech Villas. The new HBV Office Manager will be Renee Castiglione, a very pleasant, extremely well qualified young lady.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm

Next meeting is May 21, 2005

All attachments to the Board Minutes are available in the HBV office.

Respectfully submitted,
Lou Williamson for
Margaret Jenkins, Secretary