Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association
Meeting Date: April 25, 2015   Meeting Place: Holiday Beech Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 9:00 Ending Time: 12:00

Members Present:  Laurie Chilelli, Jorgene Barton, Clyde Dills, and Carol Robinson
Property Manager: Renée Castiglione
Members Present via telephone:  Mark Deasaro and Marlene Rockwell
Guests Present:  John Ferguson (D211)

Call to Order:  Laurie Chilelli, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.  She welcomed John Ferguson as the attending guest.

Election of Interim President:  Laurie called for a motion to elect an Interim President to replace Ed Anthony.  Carol made a motion to nominate Mark Deasaro.  Clyde seconded it.  The motion passed.  Mark Deasaro accepted and is the new president.

Approval of the January 17, 2015 Minutes:  Mark noted a change be made to the addendum where “….the following motion was made and unanimously passed by 7 votes:” to delete “unanimously”.  Jorgene made a motion to approve the minutes as revised.  Laurie seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Financial Report:  Clyde indicated there was nothing new to be added.  Renee stated that we were reimbursed the money that had been stolen.

Maintenance Report:  Renée informed the Board of the dumpster situation.  Republic is not going to work as it would be too cost prohibitive.  According to the Town of Beech, we need 35 yards of cubic space for the number of units in Holiday Beech Villas.  At no time are the units at full capacity, so we intend to ask for a variance on this.  At this time, we would have 2 options:
1.  We are going to ask if we can start with two 4 cubic yard bear resistant dumpsters costing approximately $10,000.00 including shipping.  We would also have to place a fence around the dumpster and would need to go to the planning board for permission of what type of fence is needed.
2.  We could get two 8 yard dumpsters from another distributer, which are not bear resistant, and fence those in.  In either case, the location of the dumpster would either be at the Clubhouse or on our property across the street from the Clubhouse.

Discussion was held regarding a Maintenance Man.  Clyde suggested going through a Temporary Agency or placing ads at military bases.

Renée updated us on James [who stole from us]. 

Old Business:
Update on H132/H133 frozen pipes.  Everything has been completely repaired.  We will receive $4725.78 from our insurance as soon as forms are completed and pictures taken.

Chimney Repair Update for B106 and B306.These repairs have not been made.Therefore, the owners will be unable to use their fireplaces.

10:00 A.M. Conference Call with Yadkin Bank representative, Ryan Postlethwait, regarding a building loan for the K Building renovation.    Ryan was very helpful explaining the process for a building loan.  There were many questions from the board regarding the loan and payment for the loan that were answered. Renée will contact Ryan with additional questions that arose after the conference call was over.

Discussion and Decision for the next Special Assessment Payments.  This discussion was tabled until we decide about a loan with Yadkin Bank.

New Business: 

Review of Drug Testing and Background Investigation Policies.  The Drug Testing Policy was reviewed.  Several changes were made to the Policy to be presented at the Annual Meeting.  Clyde made a motion to accept the Drug Testing Policy as revised.  Jorgene seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

The Background Investigation Policy was accepted as is.  Clyde motioned to accept the Background Policy, Laurie seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Discuss hiring of new maintenance person.  Clyde suggested that we turn to the military bases for finding a reliable person.  Many service men are retiring and need a second income to subsidize their retirement income.  It was also decided that contract labor [1099] would be the best way to go.

Fidelity Bond.
  It was decided to table this discussion for another time.

Liability Insurance.
HBV or Maintenance Man purchases.  Laurie made a motion that we purchase Liability Insurance for the Maintenance Man position.  Clyde seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Workers Compensation.  Workers Compensation is very costly and not feasible for a Maintenance Person to carry it on himself.

Supplement rental income for a unit owner to have a maintenance person live at HBV year-round; or just winter months where emergencies are more likely to happen regarding frozen pipes.Discussion was held but no decision was made.The Board is open to this idea.

HBV provides a text and phone call only cell phone for business so the maintenance person is always reachable in case of emergency.Straight Talk vs. Skybest.Our guest John Ferguson suggested Straight Talk as a possibility.Phoning and texting are both unlimited and the cost appears to be better than Skybest.Renee is going to look into that option.

Other Business:

Prior to procedure of Special Assessment and Loan discussions, the Board felt it necessary to make a decision on the Contractor for the K Building.  Discussion was held on the two estimates we received.  Carol made a motion that we hire Andy Porter on the condition he accepts our terms regarding up-front nonpayment, checking the structural stability of the K Building, attorney and bank approval of the contract.  Marlene seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Robinson