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Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association Board Minutes
February 16, 2013
9 a.m. HBV Clubhouse

Members Present:  Ed Anthony, Clyde Dills

Members Present via Telephone:  Karen Alexander, Janet Parker, Don Westmoreland & Carol Robinson

Guests:  No guests were present

Call to Order:  President, Ed Anthony opened the meeting.  

Recognition of Guests:  There were no guests present.  Ed did announce that Renee Castiglione was present and has been invited to attend all meetings, when possible.

Approval of the September 15, 2012 Minutes:  No additions or corrections were made.  Karen Alexander made the motion to approve, Clyde Dills seconded the motion which was passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer Report:  In the absence of Don Westmoreland, Renee Castiglione gave the budget report.  Renee said the General Maintenance budget for fiscal year was way over budget because the landscaping around the A, B, & C buildings had not been budgeted.  Trees ($700.00) were bought and planted, Tony Hunter ($2500.00) did some work, and Sheryll did work.  Karen Alexander asked if this should be taken out of the Special Assessment fund.  Renee said that we would make it up in other categories.

In addition, Renee commented on our current checking accounts.  We have 3 accounts:  Special Assessment, Reserve, and the regular checking account.  All money is deposited into the regular checking account then transferred into either the Special Assessment fund or the Reserve account.  This does not appear on our Financial Reportand it may cause a concern.  She is going to consult with a CPA for more information.  The board has set a goal for the July Meeting for answers.

Maintenance:  Karen Alexander said her unit (F225) is much better now that it has been repaired.  She did indicate that the work crew was not detailed in their clean-up from their work.  She suggested that before payment of the work, that the work (including clean-up) should be inspected.  Renee said she inspects the work that was done, but she will make George more aware that it is important to pay attention to cleaning, not just a “construction clean-up”.   If necessary, HBV will be responsible for hiring someone to clean.

Discussion was held regarding the removal of all metal soffits.  They have become nesting places for the raccoons and ways for them to enter the units.  Research will be done to see what can be used, if anything, to replace these metal soffits so the raccoons cannot get between the decks and the soffit.  The cost will be included in this research.  This issue is to be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

The work has begun on the A building.  Additional support has been added to the damaged joist until it can be properly repaired.

All homeowners seem to like the paint color choices.  The only comments have been on the railing color.  “Kick boards” have been added at the bottom row of shingles.

A discussion regarding Larry Parish working for HBV was held.  Larry has other interests (outside of HBV) and does not seem as interested in working for us.  He has suggested we find some “back up” help for when he cannot do what we ask of him.  Renee has been securing back up help for the areas that have been Larry’s “job”.  Larry does have value and we will continue to use him.

Long term Planning:  No report as everything is moving forward.

Old Business:
Policy on Doors & Windows:  Discussion was held regarding doors and windows.   It is the homeowner’s financial responsibility to replace any doors and windows in their unit, including exterior doors.

Back Doors:  When replacing the sliding doors, members should buy the factory painted brown (on the outside) doors.  The business offering the best price is Window World.

Front Doors:  The front doors should have nine (9) squares of glass on the top and two (2) raised panels on the bottom of the door.  The doors must be brown on the outside.  (HBV will supply the paint if the doors are not purchased with the factory brown on the outside.  Doors may be purchased at Lowe’s and they are in stock.

Windows:  All windows must be double hung or single hung.

Rescind “Homeowner Project Half Payment” policy:  Ed Anthony motioned to amend the policy and Karen Alexander seconded the motion.  The motion unanimously passed.   The policy has been amended to read:

Before work begins, all details should be in writing and the homeowner must pay up front.  Holiday Beech Villas will pay the second half upon completion of work.

New Business:
Should HBV change their checking account to a Cash Management Account where HBV would be able to draft out of Homeowners accounts for dues…..:  After discussion, all board members voted not to change the checking account to a Cash Management Account.

Adjournment:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  The next Board Meeting date is:  May 25, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.