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Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: January 21, 2006 Meting Place: Unit D111

1. Call to Order;
Karen Alexander, President

2. Members Present
Karen Alexander, Saul Moore, Yvonne Clay, Jesus Hernandez, Tom Mauldin.

Recognition of Guests
None present.

3. Approval of minutes and comments from the President
Karen Alexander commented on how proud she is of work of staff and board in handling the recent damage from a fallen tree on the clubhouse. Asked for motion to accept minutes for 11/18/05.

Motion made by Tom. A second to the motion given by Yvonne and approved unanimously.

4. Quarterly Outcome
Moe discussed the quarterly outcomes with Renee and updated the report. Moe went over all items for second quarter. All have been met except two that are in process. New outcomes must be identified for the next quarter. Members were encouraged to submit suggestions to Moe and several suggestions were offered.

Committee Reports:

5. Maintenance Report
Maintenance has continued on a limited basis during the winter. Renee has continued to document maintenance needs for homeowners and these have been given to Jim’s company to complete. Jesus met with Jim to discuss concerns. We continue to have issues with lighting and trying to improve our processes and timeliness. Jim’s company has completed repairs when notified and checks in with Renee on a weekly basis for issues. Snow removal has continued. Asphalt is working well for snow removal. It does not build up ice like the gravel does and is a safer surface to walk on. Salt cannot be used on gravel as it destabilizes its base. Jesus recommended that the board consider a long term plan for completing the asphalt to all gravel areas as resources allow. The board will discuss this again next quarter. A & R completed front deck repairs to G and F building. They will give estimates for other repairs to F and front deck repairs to C building. C108 had a water leak coming from the ceiling and that has been negotiated with the homeowner and their insurance company. Renee called to look at insulation issues but did not get a response from vendors. Jesus will talk to Jim about adding extra insulation to problem areas. Jim will talk with Tom about the problem in his unit in B building and see if it can be corrected using bat insulation. Tom made board aware that circuit breakers for indoor electrical panels need to be kept on hand to replace these when they fail. Board agreed as these can be charged to the homeowner when used. Jim’s company will handle the recent damage to the clubhouse with the insurance company.

Yvonne made motion to accept report and a second was given by Moe. The motion carried unanimously

6. Treasurer Report
Yvonne reported that her reports are in line with Winelda Bishop’s reports and presented the reports. (Attachment 1—financial reports may be attained from the Holiday Beech Villas office.) Yvonne explained the line items and some adjustments that needed to be made. We only have $120 in delinquent accounts for regular accounts. Current bank balance is $19,136 as of end of December. We are on track with budget except over budget on accountant and attorney fees. The attorney fees will be in alignment at the end once the foreclosures are completed. We have been using prepaid account money to continue maintenance program and to complete the paving as instructed by homeowners. This had not been budgeted. We have spent $24,000 of prepaid assessment funds to complete projects early that were budgeted for later, to take advantage of availability of contractors during this quarter and current rate on materials and milder weather. A total of $1250 is showing for delinquent account for the assessment funds as of today. We have started foreclosure on one account and have a claim of lien on the other. Karen and Yvonne discussed some suggestions that can be implemented from making a clearer report. We need to code the line item with a chart of account number on the checks as well as the stub so that Winelda can be clearer on coding. Moe will get clarification from attorney as to how prepaid money from assessment can be used and if it can cross budget years in order to accelerate projects which make fiscal sense. An example is the paving getting done at one time giving us better pricing. Moe will clarify two inconstancies in the accounting with Winelda.

Jesus made the motion to accept report, Moe seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

7. Old Business
Moe reported that after looking at the budget and talking with Winelda the $5000 that was voted on at the last meeting to be put aside in reserve could not be done at this time. Moe suggested a money market account at current interest rate of 1.75 is better than a sweep account after he researched it with the bank. He will continue to research this issue. The pager for Jim was not purchased since we have a different emergency system in place and these numbers have been posted on the clubhouse door. The homeowners were notified of the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. These have been purchased and a timeline for their installation will be developed.

Moe suggested we start with a $1000 to open the money market account then we can add to this as the budget allows. Yvonne gave a second to the motion. This motion was approved unanimously.

The board agreed to pursue new signage beginning in the spring after we have the final insurance settlement. We will begin with the main sign and complete the stone work first as designed then order the sign. The smaller road signs will be funded later and will be made of stone columns with a Lowes metal sign and lighting.

Motion made and seconded and voted unanimously to begin this work in the spring with the main road sign. Jim will be notified of decision by Jesus.

6. New Business
A large tree fell on the clubhouse on 1/14/06 as a result of a severe winter storm and high winds. The police saw the tree and notified Renee who notified Jesus. The emergency crew was notified and reported within 4 hours of the tree falling. The tree was removed within 2 days of the incident. It had snapped in the middle and caused several perforations of the roof. The roof and ceiling and chimney were damaged and there was extensive water damage from the melting snow and rain. Our new office equipment was salvaged and moved off the premises. There was no damage to the laundry equipment. Jim’s company was given the job to handle the situation. The insurance company was notified and completed a preliminary assessment (Attachment 2). Jesus and Moe will be working with Jim on this project. The clubhouse will be closed for repairs for approximately 2 months. Renee will be working from home and has transferred the phone and fax lines there. Jim will be notified that we need to receive money from insurance before we do the work to keep us within budget. The budget does include the $5000 deductible. The clubhouse will be redone in neutral tones. Jim has already contacted several roofers and has obtained some estimates. The roof will need to be repaired before other repairs may be started as it is impossible to seal all leaks with a flat roof with so many crack and holes. We will install a similar commercial carpet and redo the ceiling in a smooth finish and replace the damaged lighting. A sign was posted instructing all to stay out of the clubhouse due to dangerous conditions until it is fixed. Homeowners will need to make other arrangements for use of the laundry facilities and for parties or events. Other updating not covered by the insurance may be completed at the time of the repairs if the budget allows, such as new kitchen counter tops; it is best accomplished during the time that the clubhouse is out of use.

7. Annual Meeting Plans
Moe has started the process of planning for the annual meeting and elections. Karen will notify homeowners about their interest in serving. Several terms will expire this year. Yvonne encouraged current members to consider running again for their expired terms to keep the current board intact. We need to develop a preliminary budget for the next meeting. Due to many of the improvements and communications with our staff the board feels that we can have fewer meetings. This may encourage others to run for positions if the commitment is less extensive. Board meeting will be changed to quarterly next year and as called by the chair.

8. Policy and Procedure
Jesus presented the policies and procedures that were sent to the board by email. These were developed by Jesus and Renee with input from the board using the approved format.

Moe made the motion to accept the policies as a work in progress. Corrections and amendments may be made if needed as we go through all of these more carefully. Tom gave a second to the motion and it was approved unanimously.

9. Homeowner Request 
C108 Tony Pendry has requested to replace his front sliding glass door with a window that faces the ABC parking lot. Preliminary approval is given to replace the door with a window since this is the only unit that has a forward facing slider. Board will ask him to present the style of window to the board before final approval. It needs to fit in with the appearance of the building.

Next meeting March 18, 2006, 10:00 a.m.

Jesus A. Hernandez
HBV Board Secretary