Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

July 17, 2010 Board Meeting.
Board convened at 12:30 pm.
Members present:
Karen Alexander
Jesus Hernandez
Howard Esko
Fatima Hicks
Janet Parker
Charlie Robinson

In attendance:
Renee Castiglione

First order was election of officers. Howard Esko was voted unanimously for treasurer, Jesus Hernandez for secretary, Fatima Hicks for Vice president, Karen Alexander for president.

Karen recognized and welcomed homeowners, Jeff Hickey, Diane Keasler and guest, Cecile Esko, Wayne and Lazara Hurd, Irene Alvarez. Karen commented that she is very excited about our progress this year and the good staff we now have. She appreciates the support of owners for the Board.

Jesus reviewed the mission, vision and values and asked for affirmation by all board members that they will uphold these. All vowed to uphold.

Minutes were approved with editorial corrections made by Fatima.

Howard gave a financial report.

An audit was conducted by an outside CPA for checks and balances. The CPA made some suggestions for improving the accountability of finances. Renee will make some suggested improvements related to payroll taxes. Renee is changing report to Quickbooks to simplify for the board to make more use of. Per the CPA, the company has a good basic system for financial accountability.

Renee discussed the decks the D repairs will be approximately $8000. The estimates for F repairs will be approximately $4500. Jesus asked about the lower retaining walls. We are exploring ways to remove as much of the retaining walls as we can, due to them being such a maintenance issue. F building wall is crumbling and will need major repairs.

The current costs to decks will be offset by increases in budget for this year since maintenance is near 40K.

Howard reported on insurance. We have had no claims for liability. We are getting building permits for all repairs and bringing some things up to code if they are recommend by the Town. Final discussion on whether we are adequately insured at about 100/sq foot. Homeowners will be reminded that they should insure the inside for 50 sq/feet. Jeff Hickey brought a concern about HO6 policy. Owners need to make sure they are insured beyond content. Karen recommended we list a full disclosure of what insurance the association carries. The consensus is that we are currently adequately insured and that this needs to be reexamined based on market changes. Liability is included for employees which is Renee and the Board. Contractors that carry liability need to include HBV and show a certificate.

Personnel issues: Will Havron’s salary will be increased to $17/hour. This was approved unanimously.

Tree policy is tabled pending further input from homeowners. A request for view enhancement from an H owners was also tabled pending tree policy approval. The arborist recommends tree pruning in the fall after leaves have fallen.

Discussion on lots available for sale by Wilson King that are next to HBV. Board recommended we talk to our attorney to see what are rights are due to encroachment issues. That will give us an opportunity to negotiate.

The board appointed Wayne Hurd to chair and create a task force to investigate the town water increase issue and see if there is any recourse to the 80% increase in rates.

There being no other business or owners requests the meeting was adjourned at 2 p.m.