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Minutes from June 18, 2005

Meeting called to order at 10:05 am.

Present: Karen Alexander, Saul Moore, Margaret Jenkins, Jesus Hernandez, and Yvonne Clay

Absent: Joe Crist

Guests: Nick Rossin, Kevin Boyer, Richard Talbot, Sonia Gradus, Linda Mincey

Nick: Questions about driveway at Buildings A, B and C
Board: Will take under advisement discussion of rock base Portland cement used dry. Board will get costs and more information then will talk with Nick. Jesus and Jim Frye will talk with city about a paved apron (approximately a car length) at the entrance of ABC driveway.

Jim Frye will spend 16 hours a week on maintenance, 24 hours a week on structural projects. Jesus will supervise Jim’s work on structural.

Alac Eldridge arrived with his bid for D building landing and stair construction. Jesus made motion to accept the bid. Moe seconded, motion carried. Check was written for Alac to begin work in two weeks. Weather permitting, it should be completed in a week and one half. Jesus requested Alac to bring bonding papers to the office to put on file.

Annual Meeting: Karen, Renée and Moe have had Holly (DiSanti’s office) review notice of meeting and other documents. They were approved.

Linda Mincey suggested a drain at the top of drivedway at ABC to divert the water from running down the middle of the drive. Board will investigate.

Motion to approve May minutes, Jesus. Margaret seconded, motion carried. Karen suggested the Board minutes be recorded (tape recorder) then transcribed by Renée. Board agreed.

Maintenance report: see Attachment #1. Motion to put faucet at each building, Margaret. Jesus seconded, motion carried.

Archives: no report
Social Committee: No report.

Insurance/Financial/Treasurer: Saul Moore
All finances will be reconciled for July Annual Meeting.

Annual budget is not complete due to not having final insurance figures.

Saul is working on insurance quotes. We are covered until July 18. Need to budget for deductible.

Research: Yvonne Clay
Yvonne working on delinquent accounts and late special assessments.

Sonia Gradus: Attachment #2
Under advisement

Adjourned: 2:20 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Jenkins