Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association
Meeting Date: March 17, 2007 Meeting Place: Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 10:00 Ending Time: 12:45

1. Call to Order
Karen called the meeting to order. Board members present: Saul Moore, Yvonne Clay, Tom Mauldin, Sonia Prosperi, Jesus Hernandez.

2. Recognition of Homeowners
None present.

3. Comments from the President/approval of minutes
Karen announced the acceptance of the resignation of Margaret Jenkins who has her two units for sale and will be leaving HBV. The minutes were approved unanimously. Joe Crist has been ill and unable to attend. The board thanks Joe for all his contributions and wished him well and will keep him in our prayers. Claude Chapman was asked if he was willing to serve on the board but he has respectfully declined at this time.

4. Saul discussed the quarterly outcomes for this year (attachment one). The updates to the outcomes are on the website. Sonia asked if the shingles were being replaced. Jesus announced that they had been inspected and found to be in overall good condition. They were all pressure washed over the last 2 years. Any damaged or rotted shingles can be individually replaced. There is a tree between G and H that looks damaged. Yvonne will call the city inspector to give approval to take the tree down if needed and Renee will contact license tree removers for work, if needed. There are a couple of lights out one in E and one in G. Requests for these will be filled for repair. Karen asked that the replacement of rear deck second floor posts and alignment be added to outcomes. This was on the structural report to be completed. Sonia asked about having mailboxes put in for D and E building similar to those installed for ABC building. Jesus will notify Larry and he will discuss the placement with the postmaster. There is an additional repair that is needed to the C staircase and this is on the report and has been discussed with Larry. Sonia mentioned the garbage problem outside front decks. This attracts cats and is against association rules. Renee needs to send out a letter to all homeowners informing them that garbage cannot be left outside the units, but must be carried to the garbage bins. Fees can be assessed for homeowners that don’t comply.

5. Report from Yvonne: Treasurer’s report (attachment two - six)Financials are not placed on the web. They may be obtained at the office.
Yvonne reported that we are in excellent financial shape. The loan balance has been reduced to 24,607. We also have an inventory of materials on site that is appraised at 3,093. We only have one outstanding homeowner’s repairs bills due and two monthly and assessment fees due. We are now assessing a fee for checks that are received with insufficient funds. We are now in perfect balance with the bank, thanks to our accounting system.

6. Maintenance Report: Jesus
Discussion about snow removal. Larry usually starts plowing after 8:00 am once the town has cleared the main road. The decks are shoveled after this and it may be later in the afternoon. The top decks which get the most snow are shoveled first. Larry doesn’t live on the mountain, but Lyle who lives on site can also assess the situation. We need to develop a protocol that can be put on the website so that everyone knows the limitations of our snow removal program. Sonia will investigate other snow removal options and report to the board. The maintenance program will restart again in April. Homeowners are reminded to fill out maintenance requests and submit to Renee if any work is needed.

7. Long Term Planning Committee
Saul has taken the engineers report and reformatted to make it easier to see what has been completed and what is left to complete (attachment seven). All the urgent repairs have been completed. There are a few universal repairs that need to be completed including the rear deck second story posts replaced with 6 x 6s. We exceed the code now with our new pickets. Karen will inspect some of the buildings to see the progress.

8. Bylaws
Saul has submitted an article for the board to read on the conduct of meetings and a pamphlet on parliamentary procedures. All the amendments to the bylaws have been filed with the courthouse.

9. New business:
a A. Discussed priority projects to give Larry for the season.

b. Sonia discussed Jim Frye using the HBV as his office to disperse his workers. Jim presented a list of what he has provided to the association in lieu of using the office. He will not be using the office after he stops being our contractor in April.

c. Tom discussed the construction that is taking place on Slopeside Rd. In putting in new driveways some trees have been damaged. Tom will take a picture of danger trees that may fall on power lines and report it to the town. Renee has notified Mountain Electric and our concern about these trees and also has talked to the town arborist. There is also a spring that has been uncovered that is contributing to erosion of the property. We will formally go before the town board to alert them about the danger trees from the excavation. He reminded the board that the bridge from ABC to the road to the slopes needs repairs and this is on the list for completion.

10. Meeting Adjourned
Meeting was adjourned at 1:30. Next meeting May 20, 2007 at 10 a.m. in HBV clubhouse.

Jesus A. Hernandez
Board Secretary