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Holiday Beech Villas Board Meeting
Board Meeting—March 17, 2012

Call to Order: Karen Alexander

Attendees by Phone: Karen Alexander, Ed Anthony, Carol Robinson, Don Westmoreland

No Guests called in

There was not a quorum for this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:   Given by Don Westmoreland
We discussed the budget numbers and the fact that it is possible that on our operational budget we may be on budget by the end of the fiscal year. 

A discussion ensued regarding the Long Term Plan and whether or not to do an assessment.

Karen appointed Carol Robinson and Don Westmoreland to join her and Ed on a committee to prepare a detailed budget for the deferred maintenance work that needs to continue, including overall property issues including taking down dead trees, next budget year and subsequent years.

There is no way to pay for this work out of the regular dues budget. Therefore another assessment needs to be proposed. Ed Anthony suggested a possible multiyear assessment budget to match the Long Range Plan. Karen and Carol agreed. Karen will work with Renee on the format for the Deferred Maintenance Budget and the details taken from the database of costs of various projects already completed.

A local realtor who has been on the mountain for forty years, ask one of our homeowners, why we used so much ice melt. He wondered if we were aware that none of the other condo associations use ice melt and because, by using it, it will rust the nails and cause our deck boards and structure to deteriorate quickly. Carol suggested that we revisit this policy at our next board meeting.

Don Westmoreland wanted to know if we had made any progress on finding out the budget for Doggy bags/refuse units to be place around HBV.

Carol Robinson will be presenting an idea for an arbor to be placed at the entrance to the steps from the driveway to the G Building where the trumpet vine grows into the road. The vine could then be trained over the arbor. If the vine is trimmed then it won’t bloom. This request will be sent to Renee for distribution to the board through email.

A decision was made that the May Board Meeting be changed from May 12 to May 5. Since there was no quorum, we adjourned the meeting at 10:05.