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Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: May 19, 2007 Meeting Place: Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 10:00 Ending Time: 12:45

1. Call to Order;
Karen Alexander, President

Karen called the meeting to order and welcomed homeowners and investors to 35th anniversary of HBV and acknowledged the board. Each board member introduced themselves. Karen acknowledged Renee Castiglione as office manager
Board members present: Karen Alexander, Jesus Hernandez, Saul Moore, Yvonne Clay, Tom Mauldin, Charlie Robinson, Claude Chapman.

Homeowners and guests signed in: Eva and Bill Gruman, Ervin Wood, Victoria Martin, Nick and Marlene Rossin, Claude Chapman, Jim Cary, Oscar Hull, Robert Whittaker, Charles and Carol Robinson, Howard and Cecile Esko, Danny Cox, George Hall, Sonia Prosperi, Sonia and Ben Gradus, Dorothy Peeler, Rusty Mellette, Laura Seltzer, David Wilson, Fatima and Wilson Hicks, Ann Balnicki, Henry Alexander and Kemp Baker.

Karen announced that three homeowners have passed away this year and acknowledged in remembrance Joe Crist, and thanked him for his contributions to the board and generous contributions to the association over the years. A plaque in his honor hangs in the clubhouse. Carmen Richardson passed away after a long illness and Leslie Juriet after a battle with cancer. Coleen Warner has also been very ill and Karen asked for a moment of silence to remember and honor these residents.

Karen announced that we have a quorum for the meeting. Karen asked for motion to approve minutes and seconded. Minutes were approved as written.

Vice president: Saul Moore gave an overview history of the association. The organizational meeting of HBV Homeowners was held in 1974 and HBV became an association in 1975 although first owners started occupying the buildings in 1973. He called attention to a handout budget comparison and budget for coming year (attachment 1—financial information may be obtained by contacting Renée at the office). There is a small increase in the budget for this year due to the extra money from the washers and dryers. He referred to quarterly outcomes (Attachment 2). He referred to the special assessment and that it was completed. Only item not met was on the special assessment goals were the funds put into a reserved account. He referred to the Alpine Engineering report. All but eleven items have been completed. Those not completed will go into a long range plan. He also referred to the long term plan and said it was a work in progress. Sonia Gradus commented on the fact that the buildings had no damage from recent hail storm.

Treasurer: Yvonne Clay. Yvonne referred to audit report and that it was successful (attachment 3). The association has implemented recommendations suggested. We have had more delinquents than in the past but overall are financially stable and in balance.

Renee gave more details about finances and other issues as office manager. We have $25,000 left over in the budget. This is partly due to Larry Parish not working the allotted budget amount since April. He has not worked the average of 3 days budgeted but usually 1-2 days/week until the last 2 weeks which he has agreed to take on extra days to make up for those missed. Delinquents have been decreased to $750 so we are catching up with these. An underground water leak caused increased costs for water. We also had water pressure problems in G and H. Pressure reducing lines will need to be installed in G and H at our cost. All other buildings have these in place. We may need to install some shut off valves for some buildings but are awaiting more information from the town as to their role in this. Renee is taking an online manager’s course with CAI and will take a test at its completion. The association paid for the class to help her develop in her role. She has also represented the board at the town council meeting and puts a report on the web page. The sign ordinance for the town is changing and may impact us in the future. A new ordinance that states that residents cannot feed the bears. These black bears have become a nuisance on the ridge. Town wants to become a “Tree City USA”. To do this a tree board has to be formed and Renee will chair it. Ski Beech has changed management and will be upgrading the resort. Any concerns about the association or specific details may be obtained through Renee.

Sonia Gradus asked about higher heating bills this winter. Renee explained about the cold weather and that the heaters have been set at 45 degrees and that the heaters have probably run continuously because of the cold.

Maintenance Committee: Jesus Hernandez. Jesus discussed the maintenance report (Attachment 4). This report shows all projects completed. He explained the major projects accomplished for structural repairs, maintenance and grounds. The procedure for maintenance and the report are updated on the web. Everyone is responsible for identifying maintenance needs. A form is to be completed and given to Renee then it is brought to the maintenance coordinator who will discuss it with the board. Priorities are determined based on needs and resources so that each building gets its share of repairs and improvements. Safety issues come first then structural then cosmetic. Jesus thanked Larry Parish for all his good work. He asked for patience for owners now that Larry is not working full time. This spring we used Cyndi Fielland as an assistant for Larry and we have added Jack McMillian to our contact staff as a painter. He is a retired principal and plans to touch up rails and paint new construction. Those projects identified not completed this year will be rolled over for next year. Our maintenance season is April through November. Winter is for emergency repairs, winterization and snow removal. Jesus gave a special report on a maintenance issue in some buildings that is due to settling and water penetration. Board members met with a contractor to collect information as to what needs to be done to insure that we salvage, reuse, and are resource conscious. Our goals are buildings that are safe and weather tight. The board will seek two other bids for repairs and develop a proposal to address these concerns. Homeowners will be notified of the meeting where this issue will be addressed, specifics presented and plan developed. Jesus also mentioned problems with raccoons and that four had been captured and relocated. Jesus also reported on secretarial duties and his cooperation with Renee in keeping web page updated and publishing of newsletter and asked for homeowner input. Jesus asked for volunteers to form a social committee. (Victoria Martin mentioned during recess for lunch that she will head up the social committee). This committee would be responsible for planning activities to promote community at HBV such as gatherings. There are many get-togethers by homeowners but nothing that is coordinated for all outside the annual meeting.

Karen referred owners to handout on break down of budget and how money is divided per unit. This breakdown shows that we are using our resources to our best ability and thanks to our staff completing many projects at below standard rates. (Attachment 5).

Tom Maudlin asked for archival information and to give these to Renee. He spoke about the damage to hemlocks by woolly aldegid and effect on trees. He announced a new shed will be built for building materials behind A building.

Karen recognized work done by homeowners and provided certificates of award and recognition. Jim Cary was recognized for creating a DVD for the gala celebration. Anyone interested in a copy can contact Renee. Judy Fleming for beautification. Fatima Hicks for beautification. Sonia Prosperi for beautification of D building. Carol Robinson for beautification. Nick and Marlene Rossin for beatification of C building. Margaret Jenkins for homeowner of the year for beautification and creating a tree fund to replace lost trees. Tom Mauldin for serving on Board of Directors, his termed is completed. Tom is taking a sabbatical but may serve again in the future. Saul Moore for longest serving board member and contributions to association. Yvonne Clay for beatification and excelling in mission of association. Jesus Hernandez for beatification and preserving mission and Charlie Robinson for legal advice to the board. Claude Chapman for service. Renee Castiglione from the board a card and honorarium for her dedication and professionalism. HBV is very fortunate to have such dedicated homeowners, board members and employee. Fatima Hicks recognized Karen Alexander for her contributions as president and leader. The owners responded with applause for all.

No old business.

New Business:

David Wilson thanked the association for building the new ramp at the clubhouse to make it handicap accessible.

The following concerns were submitted in writing prior to the meeting. Concern from Marlene Rockwell for external stairs repairs between D and E will go on the maintenance list and hopefully completed this season.

Concern from Rusty Mellette about noise. The town has no ordinance but will come out if persistent noise is after 11 p.m. Homeowners were encouraged to be mindful of noise especially before 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m. Those concerned should talk to the homeowners involved in noisy activities and ask them to reduce the noise. The association has no way to enforce violations of noise other than to go through the police. Homeowners are to call the police if the noise is excessive and after hours especially after 11 p.m. Renee will contact realtors about noise from renters.

Concern from Bob and Margaret Jenkins about increasing inspections to monthly on unoccupied units. They had a heater malfunction due to a faulty thermostat. We currently inspect after a weather event (see policy on line) and at the beginning of winter and in the spring. Karen asked homeowners to be proactive and replace appliances with energy star appliances especially water heaters and thermostats to prevent problems as these have aged. Jesus explained further the current inspection policy, which is on the web. More frequent inspections will need to come from maintenance budget if approved. Motion made from Jenkins’ letter to increase inspections to monthly year round. No second received from the floor. Motion not passed. Karen announced that individuals that have unoccupied units or that want their units inspected more often can contract with Larry through the office to arrange that at their expense. There is a check list in the office of items inspected and a log of when units are inspected that homeowners can view if requested. Homeowners were encouraged by Jesus to change their locks and notify the police if they feel that their units have been entered without their permission outside of times for scheduled inspections. The association has no role in breaking and entering as we provide no security services and this has to be handled by the owner and the police. If you have your unit on the rental program you should discuss your concerns with your realtor. If anyone observes any behavior which is illegal they can report it to the association so that other owners can be made aware and to the police. Keys are only given to others with owner approval or are kept locked. Larry or his workers, Renee and the board have access for inspections, maintenance or emergencies. Inspections are logged and kept by Renee if anyone needs to know the last time anyone entered their unit from the association.

Motion from board to amend the grounds policy (Attachment 7). Approved as written.

Motion from Karen Alexander (Attachment 8) to adopt a green policy, seconded and passed. Question about town providing plastic recycling bins. Renee will contact the town about this.

Concern about construction materials behind A and B buildings. A shed has been approved and is being built for this by end of year with materials on site. Hopefully this will create some parking spaces once materials are organized and stored properly. Suggestion to incorporate old sign into building of shed if possible.

Nick Rossin spoke to town about a culvert behind ABC buildings. He stated that the town representative said that additional asphalt would improve HBV and its value. Nick stated that he would like the board to consider using asphalt for the gravel parking areas in long term planning.

Bill Gruman commended the board and its president for all the work this year and stated that he believes it is one of the best run associations he has seen. There was a standing ovation from owners acknowledging the board, Renee and Larry.

Elections. Karen asked for nominations for the board from the floor to be added to ballot. Tom Mauldin nominated Fatima Hicks from G building and she accepted. Howard Esko and Judy Fleming from D building are also running for the board openings. Jesus announced that physical attendance to board meetings is no longer required due to improvements in technology as long as members stay engaged and give of their time and talents to the board. Karen thanked Yvonne Clay for her recruitment efforts in seeking nominations for the open positions. Ballots were distributed and collected. One ballot is accepted per unit and owners were to write their unit number on the ballot to assure that this is followed.

Homeowners were asked to donate $10/person to offset costs of celebration if able. Those that donate qualify for a gift basket raffle. Fatima and Dub Hicks were thanked for donating to the beautification fund which allowed purchase of lilies for clubhouse which will be planted outside. Karen gave out commemorative key chains (one per unit) and pens from the association to celebrate the 35th anniversary. Extra key chains are available from Renee for $4.

Recess for lunch and election. The basket was won by Rusty Mellette from E. A champagne toast was made by Karen and engaged by all for 35 years of existence as the first condominium on Beech Mountain and many more years of success in the future. Karen and Henry Alexander were thanked for providing the champagne for the toast. A memory book was put together by Renee and Fatima Hicks from historical materials and was made available for viewing. Homeowners were encouraged to stay to hear the results of the elections. There was a quorum present with proxy ballots counted. Renee announced that Howard Esko, Judy Fleming and Fatima Hicks were elected to the board to fill the three vacant spots and that Sonia Prosperi was a write-in candidate, but was not elected.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30. It was announced that the board meeting would begin after lunch and all were encouraged to attend.

Respectfully submitted,
Jesus Hernandez
Board Secretary