Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Holiday Beech Villas Board Meeting

Meeting Date: May 21, 2005 
Meeting Place: Holiday Beech Clubhouse

Beginning Time: 10:00 Ending Time: 12:00

Call to Order:

Karen Alexander, President

Discuss Quarterly Outcomes Progress
Will be reported at Annual MeetingCommittee Reports:
Research Analyst: Yvonne
Attachment #1
Attachment #2Maintenance Committee: Margaret/Jesus
No reportLong Term Planning Committee:
Summer ProjectsFinancial Reports for April 05 Treasurer: Saul
Working with Insurance companies. Final draft of budget in June.New Business

Bill homeowners for repairs e.g., sliding doors--markup how much?
No markup
Charge homeowners for making a key, how much?
Renewal of website. One year $7.98, two years $15.98, three years $23.97. Which one?
New All-in-0ne laser printer for office approx. $320 including cable.
Lowe’s Business Credit Card
800 Service for long distance phone bill
Weed whacking proposal
Call for nominations for new board members
YesAttachments remain in office unless requested by mail in writing.Margaret Jenkins-SecretaryAttachment 2: Maintenance Committee ReportThank you Lou for taking minutes in my absence. 
Thank you Joe for setting up for meeting and keeping the clubhouse in such fine shape. 
Thank you Joe for our road signs at Lower and Middle Holiday Lane. We owe: $102.00. 
It is very nice to have the trash hauled away, years of it and the bushes and bramble cut back. Thank you Jim and Andy. 
Comments, Suggestions 
Insurance-Nationwide list of corrections, who, when. 1-800-505-9777. Details for renewal.Recent Completed Projects by Jim Frye:

Siding repairs to Unit F121 and F122, paint 100% complete
Painted remaining decks, rails to F Building from last year
Brush clean-up from year of abuse
Completed engineer repair to unit A-101 and rail between deck Painted directional sign, handicap signs . . .
Completed estimates for summer plans
Projects for the Summer Decks for D, B, E and C BuildingsSoffits under 3rd floor deck for D, B, E and C Buildings Stucco white walls to make more attractive