Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: October 12, 2013
Meeting Place: Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 9:00

Members Present: Ed Anthony, Clyde Dills, Laura Chilelli, Don Westmoreland, Janet Parker, Carol Robinson, & Renee Castiglione

Members Present via Telephone: Mark Deasaro

Guests: Greg Lanier & Pat Kyle, Judy Fleming, Rosemary Williams, Les & Nina Eiskowitz, and Susan Decerce

Call to Order: President, Ed Anthony opened the meeting.

Recognition of Guests: Ed welcomed all guests. He requested the board members introduce themselves to the guests.

Approval of the July 20, 2013 Minutes: No additions or corrections were made. Don Westmoreland made the motion to approve; Janet Parker seconded the motion which was passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer Report: Clyde Dills gave the financial report. He referred to the attached Financial Report provided by Renee. There were no questions or comments.

Maintenance: Renee gave the Maintenance Report. Discussion was held concerning the painting of the T1-11 prior to installation. Because of the weather at Beech Mountain, painting is sporadic and causes delays in the work process. In addition, painting prior to installation protects the T1-11. It was decided that the painters would use the club house to prime and paint the T1-11 before installation.

Greg Lanier was questioning bullet point #1 regarding the cable railings. He was wondering if HBV was grandfathered in regarding the height of the railings. Renee said we were not. Discussion was also held regarding the cable railings and safety issues. Ed suggested we table that discussion until later in the meeting as that was to be discussed under new business.

Pat Kyle asked if we knew of anyone in our complex who was a professional landscaper to help landscape the ABC buildings. Renee volunteered to send an e-mail to all owners to see if there was anyone and if they would be willing to assist in the landscaping.

Renee explained that James is a certified electrician and has been very helpful repairing our building lights. The pole lights are all being taken down and being replaced with motion detector lights. Some are already in use and owners like them. All in all, James is saving us money!

Renee gave us a “heads-up” on a water damage issue between D211 and D111. D211 has a water leakage via their toilet and bath tub and in unit D111 the ceiling has been damaged. The toilet has been repaired but the issue is with the bath tub.

New Business:
Revision of Electricity Policy: The original policy was approved in 2008. The revision is an addition of #12:
Failure to have electricity in Homeowners name or to reimburse HBV for any fees associated with maintaining or restoring electricity to units within the timeframe specified by the association will result in implementation of lien and foreclosure procedure.
Don Westmoreland made a motion that we adopt #12, as is, and add it to the original policy, Janet Parker seconded the motion. All approved.

Railings and safety of small dogs: Discussion was held regarding the safety of the cable railings for small dogs and children. The cables will be 4 inches apart and are very taunt. For those home owners who are concerned that their dog and/or children can get through the cables, it was decided as an option, Plexiglas could be used. When installing the cable, an extra piece of wood could be attached so the Plexiglas could just be slipped down and would be held securely. When unit is not in use, the Plexiglas should be removed and stored in the unit (could be slipped under a bed). This option would be at the owners expense. The board requested that the statistics of the railing be sent out to owners as the picture was deceptive and the cables appeared to be further apart than the 4 inches required.

Other Business:
Rosemary Williams (D315) said there is a tree behind her unit that does not look stable and she would like someone to look at it. She fears it may fall over and cause power line breakage.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next Board Meeting date is: January 18, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Robinson, Secretary