Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: September 16, 2006 Meting Place: Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 10:00 Ending Time: 12:45

1. Call to Order;
Karen Alexander, President

2. Members Present
Karen Alexander, Saul Moore, Yvonne Clay, Tom Mauldin, Margaret Jenkins, Joe Crist.

3. Recognition of Homeowners and Guests
Jan Marriott and Claude Chapman

4. Approval of minutes, with the date changed from September 23 to September 16.

Motion to approve minutes. Approved unanimously. 
5. Quarterly Outcomes
Presented by Saul Moore.
H Building front deck repair (4th quarter) was noted as being completed. It was suggested that the Board look into solar panels for lighting of HBV signs and driveway entrances. Aluminum soffits for bottom of top decks, front decks only, noted as “ongoing” for 1st quarter are to receive priority.

6. Fireplace: To be revisited as we intend to have a vented propane gas fireplace (not wood burning). Issues may be the reopening of our insurance claim, proper ventilation considering current building codes and the extent to which current fireplace may need to be changed. Saul Moore to contact insurance company as to their input and further responsibility; Renee to coordinate with Saul.

“Stay off Landscaped Grounds” signs: We need to decide where to put signs (have four) so as to be noticeable and effective. (It was noticed by this temporary secretary that these signs have already been placed.) All homeowners are to be advised of these rules and rental agents are to advise renters of the same.

Shingles: To be worked on during 2007 for mostly cosmetic purposes. We are to address all wooden shingles on all buildings, recognizing that some shingles are missing or damaged, flashing may be needed, and staining to be accomplished as a final touch.

Leaks on Sliding Glass Doors: We are to continue preventative maintenance as appropriate on roofs and flashing over glass doors. This is to be a Fall 2006 project.

Drainage: Margaret Jenkins is to show us the drainage areas between F and G bldgs that are a problem. Margaret says that drains have been covered over or filled with debris and gravel to the extent that they do not serve for drainage. The town is to be contacted as to the ditch along Slopeside Road which appears to need cleaning and grading from Wade Davis’ property to Village Road where the culvert runs under the road.

Railroad ties: Are to be placed in front of rocks at H Bldg parking area to keep from running into rocks. We have old ties on board for this project.

Lighting at Clubhouse Pond was discussed as to its relevancy. The question is: should we keep landscape or possibly fill in? Input from board members is invited.

Unit Identification Plaques: Were discussed with the idea of consistency for all units. Margaret has some examples and prices for long lasting material of about 5: in height and is relief for maximum identification. Input is invited. Note from Renée: A sign maker was already contracted to make signs where the letters are approx. 3” high in a light color so as to see from parking lot. Renée asked sign maker to make one sign first, to make sure it’s what we were looking for. Renée has contacted Keith Cooke of the Town of Beech to see if there is any mandated size to the signs, or just so the units can be easily identified from the parking area.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer and Financial Report: Yvonne Clay; a recent closing on unit F121 brought in approx. $1350 in past due funds. Balance of past dues is now $720. Our attorney advises us that an Administrative Expense can be charged in addition to late fees when placing claims of lien as appropriate and timely.

Saul Moore advises that HBV is not yet at the target 25% of dues considered necessary for future maintenance and repairs. This needs to be discussed ASAP with the idea that we need to be prepared for emergencies and also not be subject to frequent and large assessments.

Maintenance: (Jesus Hernandez was unable to attend) Maintenance report was submitted and examined with updating.

Long Term Planning: Karen and Saul would welcome input.

Construction Review/Physical Plant: Margaret and Joe expressed an interest in some committee positions to be coordinated with Jesus and Karen.

Archive: Tom anticipates getting some original sales materials and brochures from Bill Smith (A101) by the next Board meeting.

Guest Recognition for Comment: Jan Marriott called Carol Parent during Board Meeting and confirmed the recent sale of three lots above HBV on Slopeside Road and Village Road. It appears that the subject property is zoned multi-family/high density. The steep slope ordinance is only applicable to Boone and not the rest of Watauga County. It was deemed necessary to have some organization to monitor the activity and plans for any future development by the new owners (Mountain Ski Properties, LLC, Mooresville, NC). A motion was made and seconded to appoint Renée to be the point person for such an organization. Motion passed unanimously.

New Business:
Consideration is to be given for a clean up/use deposit for use of the clubhouse by owners or renters. Renée is to check with other condos as to their policies.

Bob Neill of Gwyn Parsons, CPA, have offered to instruct Renée in the preparation of Quarterly Taxes, Income Tax Returns, W2 and 1099 forms for a fee. It was moved and seconded to hire one or both to provide this service. Independent audits are to be done prior to submission of reports. Motion passed unanimously.

As to our checking account, Saul is to contact our bank and find out what type of account would be best for our organization.

The Carver Guttering estimate for additional downspouts, etc. was examined and discussed. Karen is to talk to Renée and Jim Frye as to how we might negotiate with Carver.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:45 pm with the next Board meeting to be held on November 18, 2006.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Mauldin
Acting HBV Board Secretary in Jesus Hernandez’s absence.