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Special Meeting Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

Meeting Date: September 20, 2008 Meeting Place: Holiday Beech Clubhouse
Beginning Time: 10:00 Ending Time: 12:00

To make the minutes concise all motions were made, seconded and approved by unanimous vote according to Robert’s Rules of Order unless specified otherwise.

Board Meeting Minutes 
Holiday Beech Villas Homeowners Association

1. Call to Order
Karen called the meeting to order. Special called meeting to complete unfinished business related to repairs. Board members present: Saul Moore, Yvonne Clay, Jesus Hernandez, Karen Alexander, Claude Chapman and Judi Fleming, by conference call Howard Esko, Fatima Hicks. Quorum is present.

2. Recognition of Homeowners
Victoria Martin, Laura Seltzer, Jack and Dianne Wilson.

3. Comments from the President: Karen welcomed everyone and discussed purpose of meeting to discuss recommendations from structural engineer Glenn Walker about repairs that are recommended and other repair issues and bids.

4. Victoria Martin asked to report as new chair of social committee and update the board on her activities. She discussed the card ministry and about plans to send cards for special occasions. She discussed plans for community parties. A “Spring Fling” was suggested, and a July 4th party, Fall party “chili pot luck”. Jesus suggested not doing July 4th since there are so many parties already and instead doing labor day. Karen is developing a card for HBV that will be personalized and she will get these to Victoria. Jesus suggested that the committee estimate a budget so that we can create a line item for the committee and submit receipts to Renee such as for stamps. Laura suggested game or card nights. An activities calendar was suggested were owners can sponsor an event at the clubhouse such as card or movie night. The board thanked Victoria for her ideas. She will submit an article about the committee’s progress at each newsletter and seek new members. She will inform owners of next planned activity.

5. An estimate for rear deck repairs was submitted by A & R metal. A & R were the ones that completed the front deck repairs which were determined to meet all specifications by two structural engineers. This will complete the repairs to the rear decks above the first floor suggested by the structural engineer’s report. The total bid for all buildings is $33,510 (attachment 1). This does not include A building since it has no second floor. The strapping of the decks will prevent movement due to wind. Motion to accept bid with priority for E and G to be completed first since these are not cantilevered buildings. Funding to be determined later in this meeting. Passed unanimously. Renee to inform them of decision. A & R will schedule the work weather permitting this year and continue next year until completed.

6. Estimates for C replacing building stairs closer to Village road were received from Ridge Woodworks and A & R Metal. After discussion motion to accept bid from A & R for $4,780. This project is a priority over deck repairs. Funding to be determined later this meeting. Motion passed unanimously. Work to be completed this season as soon as contractor can schedule. Renee to inform bidders of decision.

7. Next item for discussion is repairs to back of D building do to settling. Jesus gave an overview of the problem. A water leak in D building that could not be resolved led to an investigation of the cause. Larry opened the wall from top to bottom in this area (middle of building) so that we could examine what was going on inside the building that could be contributing to the leak. The owners involved were notified. Glenn Walker our new structural engineer was contracted to look at this area and make suggestions for improvement. D building has settled over time as expected for its age but is structurally sound. He suggested improvements that could be done while area was opened to add additional structural support. It seems that lack of a downspout in the area led to overflow and was contributing to the leak. There was no evidence of water damage inside the building. Larry has added an extra downspout and the leaks have not returned despite big rainfalls. Ridge Woodwork has submitted a bid to make the improvements suggested by Glenn and drawn by Karen Alexander to his specifications. We will ask A & R and JC to submit a bid for this project as well. A bid to replace all the shingles to the rear of D at the time of repairs was dismissed unanimously since other projects take priority. A decision on which bid to accept will be conducted by email. This work takes priority and must be completed before winter to seal buildings and protect them from the elements.

8. Discussion on sliding doors that are impacted due to settling of buildings. Several homeowners have contacted the association about doors that have large gaps around the frame and can’t be opened due to settling around the door frames. Others have difficulty with doors but it due to age of doors, wear and tear and damage to rollers. These doors are over 30 years old but were some of the best quality available at the time they were installed and have aged well overall. Several options were discussed that had been previously emailed by Jesus for consideration. Since the bylaws state that the doors and windows are the responsibility of the homeowner a shared approach to fixing the problem was discussed and supported by all. Many homeowners have had their door reset and repaired with new rollers in the past at their expense to improve their function. Jesus will develop a criteria checklist for inspecting each door when the October inspections are completed. We will determine the priority doors for each building from these inspections. The association will contribute to the repairs only to those doors that are determined to be seriously structurally impacted up to a preset budget amount per year from this moment forward not retroactive. It seems that the majority of the doors impacted that meet these criteria are on the top floors. Structural improvements and repairs of any damaged wood around the doors may also be done at this time at the expense of the association. Homeowners will contribute an amount to be determined for removal and reinstallation of each door selected for repair. If the owner wants to replace the door rollers at this time they will need to inform the association and pay the full amount of this repair and materials. If they want to replace the entire door at this time they will need to have the new door available on the day of repairs and pay a fee to dispose of the old door. A similar door to the original door will need to be used or the board contacted about any other door which may look or function differently before purchase for approval. An additional option is to replace only the fogged glass in those doors that a homeowner wants repaired at owner’s cost. Slightly scratched glass is available for these repairs at a savings to owners over new glass. Homeowners present were asked their opinion and supported this approach. Larry’s hours can be extended beyond October to assist with this project weather permitting if he agrees to this additional work. Doors that may allow water to penetrate units or buildings are top priority.

9. Funding options for all these projects listed that are estimated to cost approximately $80,000 were discussed. Motion to obtain the 45,000 pre-approved credit line at 5% interest to begin priority repairs as soon as possible. Motion approved unanimously. The board will decide in the October meeting how to fund the rest of the projects. Every effort is being made not to have an increase in dues or an assessment this year as was previously supported. Judy and Claude stated that they would prefer an assessment for the rest of the funding needed over a monthly increase. If an assessment is needed for next year the owners will be informed as soon as possible so that they can financially plan for this event. It was the consensus that our association is important to all and keeping it in good repair and making needed improvements are a necessity.

Respectfully submitted, 
Jesus A. Hernandez
Board Secretary