Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

(as amended September 2018)

SECTION 1. Unit Ownership. The property located in Watauga County, State of North Carolina, and more particularly described in the Declaration to which these By-Laws are attached has been submitted to the provisions of Chapter 47A of the North Carolina General Statutes entitled "Unit Ownership Act" by the Declaration recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of Watauga County, State of North Carolina, simultaneously herewith, and shall hereinafter be known as "Holiday Beech Villas" (hereinafter called the "Condominium").

SECTION 2. Applicability of By-Laws. The provisions of these By-Laws are applicable to the Property of the Condominium and to the use and occupancy thereof. The term "Property" as used herein shall include the land, the buildings and all other improvements thereon (including the units and the common areas and facilities) owned in fee simple absolute, and all easements, rights and appurtenances belonging thereto, and all other property, personal or mixed, intended for use in connection therewith, all of which are intended to be submitted to the provisions of said Chapter. 47A of the North Carolina General Statutes.

​SECTION 3. Application. All present and future owners, mortgagee, lessees and occupants of Units and their employees, and any other persons who may use the facilities of the Property in any manner are subject to the Declaration, these By-Laws and Rules and Regulations made pursuant hereto and any amendment to these By-Laws upon the same being passed and duly set forth in an amended declaration, duly recorded. The acceptance of a deed or conveyance or the entering into of a lease or the act of occupancy of a Unit shall constitute an agreement that these By-Laws (and any Rules and Regulations made pursuant hereto) and the provisions of the Declaration, as they may be amended from time to tine, are accepted, ratified, and will be complied with.