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Updated Information

September 2018

Our renovation of the H building is going well. Here are some photos of the work being done

August 2017

A 5-Year Project Plan was presented at our Annual Meeting. Click on link to view these projects.

July 2017

The Holiday Beech Villas Annual Meeting will be held on July 22, 2017 at 10am in the HBV Clubhouse, located at 102 Village Road, Beech Mountain NC. All owners and perspective owners are invited to attend. The meeting is scheduled to end at noon. The Board meeting will follow the Annual Meeting where officers will be elected.

April 2017

The Board has approved a Special Assessment to renovate the H and G buildings, beginning in May. The assessment, which is in addition to homeowners dues, will be $125.00 for a one-bedroom and $170.00 for a two-bedroom, beginning May 1, 2017 and ending February 29, 2020.​ You can see detailed information here.

The Town of Beech Mountain invites homeowners and guests to visit for current information, including Newsletters and Public Notices.   Print-outs of Newsletters and Public Notices are also available at Town Hall, 402 Beech Mountain Parkway, Beech Mountain   28604.

The Town of Beech Mountain always tries to conserve water. Our water emergency from September 2016 has been resolved due to much rain that was received, and we are now back to Stage 1 Voluntary Conservation.

The Town of Beech Mountain Buckeye Creek Reservoir has now declined due to lack of rain to a point which meets the requirements for mandatory water usage reductions.  This stage follows the voluntary reduction stage we have previously been under and requires immediate action as follows.
In Stage 2, Mandatory Reductions I, all customers are expected to reduce their water use by 10% in comparison to their previous month’s water bill. In addition to continuing to encourage all voluntary reduction actions, the following restrictions apply: irrigation is limited to a half inch per week between 8PM and 8AM; outdoor use of drinking water for washing impervious surfaces is prohibited; and all testing and training purposes requiring drinking water (e.g. fire protection) will be limited.
This condition of mandatory reductions will remain in effect until notice provided to the public of a measureable rise due to adequate rainfall of the lake levels, or may be superseded by a more stringent reduction requirement if levels continue to fall.  The public will be notified by notifications on the water bill, radio, email, and other means necessary to ensure continued adequate water supply for the Town of Beech Mountain Residents. 
The State of North Carolina has developed a guide to water reduction which can be found online at that offers many useful tips and tools to effective water reduction.
Anyone with further questions may contact the Water Treatment Department at (828) 387 - 9368.

K  Building Renovation is Complete!

​​Our K Building Renovation is complete and boy! does it look good! Buildings A, D and K done! Next up for the Spring of 2017 is F building.

Voluntary Mediation

House Bill 278 became effective July 1. This bill provides for voluntary mediation of disputes between an owner and the HOA in order to avoid litigation. The mediation is not mandatory, but if the parties choose to mediate, the legislation provides a framework for the process.

HOAs are now required to notify their members annually of the members’ right to request mediation of disputes with their HOA. The best way to provide this notice will likely be in annual meeting notices or postings on the HOA’s website.

New Clarity

Senate Bill 228 overturns North Carolina case law that limited the extent to which HOAs can amend their declarations of conditions, covenants, and restrictions. As of Oct. 1, amendments to declarations adopted using the statutory procedure set forth in either the NC Condominium Act or Planned Community Act are presumed to be valid.

This change removes the uncertainty resulting from one appellate case that made it unclear how extensive amendments agreed to by homeowners could be. In addition, the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and the declaration, as long as they are not inconsistent with the statute, are all considered to give legal authority to the association.

This alleviates the concern of having to duplicate language granting certain authority to the association in all three documents. The new law also grants owners an easement across limited common elements and common elements if they need to cross them in order to perform maintenance on their homes.

Changes in Foreclosure

Finally, House Bill 331 provides for some of the most significant changes with regard to HOA foreclosures. Beginning with foreclosures filed after Oct. 1, a trustee will now be appointed by the HOA to conduct the foreclosure. The HOA foreclosure process will be essentially the same as mortgage foreclosures.

The bill also contains many other provisions related to the collection of HOA assessments and the procedures that must be followed when giving notices to owners regarding the filing of claims of lien and foreclosures. I encourage HOA boards to review these new laws carefully in order to ensure your HOA is following the correct procedures.

Check out the HOA blog below for details in all three bills. more here: