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Plenty of rain days the week of October 19
​To prepare for the colder, snowy months flashing is being installed and additional work to protect the units from the weather conditions.
Front of ​G327 and G328

September 30 - October 11
​Rain on October 7 and 8. All units framed and Tyveked except one
​Moving Right Along

News Update


September 23, 2019

Starting the G building renovation.

Unit  G​327 siding goes down, framing goes up

The winter weather has been rain, snow and/or cold temperatures
so work has been intermittent.

October 14 - 18

Framing of back of building done. Beginning the framing of the front.

October 16th was a rain day. Next comes cold with weather with lows in the 30s and 40s

November 5 - 8
Working on framing doors and when weather was bad began painting wood indoors so it's done when it is install
​Adding trim around windows and flashing on top and bottom of G327 and G328