Holiday Beech Villas—Your Mountain Destination

Questions Asked by Owners and Renters

May I add a side deck to my corner unit?
At this time the Board is against adding any additional decks to the original structure.

May I add a hot tub to my unit on the back deck?
The Board as voted against adding any type of hot tubs on the deck structure.

Can I get work done on my unit using Holiday Beech's maintenance contractor?
Yes you can. Call the office and our manager would be pleased to give you his phone number.

I need something notarized. Do you have a Notary Public?

Yes. Renee is a Notary Public and is in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am - 2 pm. This service is free to all homeowners and their guests.

Who may use the Club House?

Any homeowner or homeowner's guest may visit or schedule events in the Club House. Groups must clean up afterwards and place furnishings as they were before the event. Two institutional washers and two clothes dryers are available. Four quarters operates each machine.

Can I have my own washer and dryer?

Yes, but it must be approved by the Board and installed by a licensed contractor to avoid damage to other units. Dryers MAY NOT be vented to the front of the building.

Who do I tell about physical problems with my unit?

Contact the Property Manager through email:
The Manager will forward the Request form to the designated person for attention. Follow-up notification of disposition of request will then occur. For emergencies, or for off-site owners, e-mail questions and requests to the Manager via Or phone 24/7 to the office at (828) 387-4740 or call our maintenance person at (828) 387-0887..

I'm handicapped: how do I request special structures for my unit?

All special requests should be submitted in writing to the Board through the Manager. These are reviewed according to the bylaws and upon the advice the HBV homeowners. The Board is committed to meeting the special needs of unit owners within legal guidelines, structural issues and available resources (including financial).

How can I reach the Office Manager in person?

HBV's part-time Property Manager's hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am til 2 pm. The phone number is 828-387-4740 and e-mail is

How can I reach Officers of the Board of Directors?

Address your written comments to the Property Manager who will forward your message to the appropriate person.

May I attend the Board of Directors' meeting?

Unit owners and visitors are encouraged to attend meetings of the Board which occur at 9 a.m. on the third Saturday each quarter in the Clubhouse. Notification of Board Meetings are always sent to Homeowners at least one week prior to the meeting. To get on the Agenda, contact the Property Manager. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

How much are monthly fees? What does my fee pay for?

The assessment for a one-bedroom is $230 and $345 for a two bedroom unit. The monthly fee pays for water, sewer, trash pick-up, DirecTV (100 channels including Showtime), insurance and property taxes for common grounds, clubhouse and manager's fees and maintenance for common grounds. The monthly fees also pay for the continued upkeep of Holiday Beech Villas. See Where Do My Dues Go?

How do I handle my unit's trash?

We ask ALL homeowner's and guests to use the Town's recycling center; opened 24 hours. Occupants of units are expected to recycle by placing aluminum cans, glass and newspapers in marked bins. North Carolina law forbids disposing of aluminum cans with ordinary garbage. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH ON THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR UNIT! It attracts bears and raccoons.

Is the local wildlife dangerous?

Yes. Goundhogs live alongside some stairs; black bears frequent the area; raccoons are dominant on the property; feral cats are few. None of these wild animals should be fed, petted or teased. There is a $5,000 fine through the North Carolina Wildlife if you are found guilty of feeding the bears.

Can we pick the wild berries and flowers in the area?

Yes, at your own risk. Chiggers and other insects live on the berries and in the flowers. Ferns and other fauna are infected with fungus which spreads quickly to other near-by plants and flowers.

Is there a pet ordinance?

Holiday Beech Villas is pet friendly. The Association has a policy that homeowners must keep their pets leashed and under control when in common areas. Pets should be curbed and kept from garden areas, walkways and areas around cars. Owners should clean up after pets and dispose of wastes appropriately. Large dogs should be kept under special supervision. Unsupervised animals should not be left alone on decks where they may disturb others. See our Pet Policy

Is it safe for children?

Greatest danger comes to children who play on rocks around the buildings and free fall down the mountain when they slip.

How am I kept informed?

A quarterly Gazette is published by HBV and made available to unit owners through e-mail and on the website: or upon request from the Manager. A list compiling all cultural and civic events, country fairs and public celebrations is posted on one of the bulletin boards in the Clubhouse.
Property Manager informs Homeowner's of weather conditions and any other information deemed important through email.

Why is there trash on the grounds, and what can be done about it?

During renovations to buildings, stairwells, roads and other structures, materials may be visible near buildings. These piles of stocked materials are temporary and will be removed as soon as feasible. Each person should do their part to pick up small items (cans, bottles, papers) around the grounds. Cigarette smokers are asked to dispose of their butts within trash cans.

What if I have large items that need hauling?

The Town may not haul large items such as appliances. Notify the property manager who will advise you how to handle these items. Never leave trash items of any size in the hallways or common areas, as fire and safety regulations prevent this.

Can the Property Manager recommend persons to provide other assistance or repairs that are not the responsibility of HBV?

Yes. Referrals to contractors may come from the maintenance staff who also may be available to provide the assistance at a reasonable cost. These are suggestions only. Holiday Beech Villas, nor the Property Manager, takes no responsibility for work done.

Are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors required?

Holiday Beech Villas required both each unit. If your rent your unit, the Town of Beech Mountain requires a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, and a fire extinguisher in the unit.

May I install a fireplace in my unit?

Yes. According to North Carolina State Law non-vented heaters which do not require any chimney or structural changes are allowed in two bedroom units. One bedroom units that are open to the living area must have a vented fireplace. These vented units must be vented out to the back porch so that the vents can not be seen from the front of the buildings. Existing stone fireplaces in two-bedroom units may continue to burn wood, but owners are urged to change to propane gas. The association required that propane fireplaces or heaters be installed by a licensed contractor. Confirmation with HBV's maintenance staff of tank placement is a prerequisite to installation. A town ordinance requires all propane tanks must be screened. Authentic-looking electric fireplaces which throw heat are also allowed.

May I have a charcoal or gas grill on either deck?

No. State Regulations prohibit any open fire on wooden decking or patios of multi-family homes. You may only grill on your deck using an electric grill.

How do I find the water turn-off valve for work on my unit?

Individual shut-offs are located in the crawlspace of A, C, G, H and K buildings.
B, D, E and F buildings do not have individual shut-offs.
Contact the office to have your water shut off, call or our maintenance person (828) 387-0887.

Is there a way to control use of my phone for unapproved long distance calls?

Yes. Skyline, 828-898-1350, has a service that allows you to have a phone that receives calls and you can call 911 only.

How can I add other TV channels to my Basic package? 

Unfortunately, Holiday Beech Villa's programming is set through a 7 year contract. No extra channels may be added.

In the winter, when Tweetsie is closed, and slushy slopes are fogged in, what can I do for amusement with my family?

Fred’s rents videos/dvds and provides paperback books and brochures of local sites to visit (cheese factory, gem mining). The kids can always use the free sledding hill, next to the Visitor Center. Snowtubing at Hawksnest at Seven Devils, along with Ziplining. 

Before leaving Florida how can I know for sure whether there is snow at Beech?
Go to This is "Ray's Weather" and he is THE most accurate meteorologist for the High Country. DON'T GO TO THE WEATHER CHANNEL'S WEATHER. IT'S NOT ACCURATE FOR BEECH MOUNTAIN. Call for current snow report at 800-438-2093, or visit Road conditions tell a lot about fresh snowfall: or call 877-368-4968.